Remove Stuck Skateboard Bearing Ring

bjbj If you re an avid skater or you like
the way your bearings hiss or you like to remove the shields or seals from your bearings,
then you ve probably experienced this a blown-out bearing which is caused by having no lubrication
in the bearing and the whole thing just falls apart leaving the inner ring stuck on the
axle and the outer ring stuck inside your wheel. Now I m going to show you how to get
it out. Use a skate-tool or wrench and remove the axle nut. Once you ve got the nut off,
go ahead and discard that small inner ring and be sure to save that small axle washer.
To remove the ring in the wheel, wedge a flat-head screwdriver where the ring and wheel meet.
The groove or raceway is also a good place to wedge. The hand holding the screwdriver
is going to stay in place so you ve got to hold it really steady. The other hand is just
going to push down really hard on the wheel and the ring should just pop-out. It may take
a few tries, wedging it in different places, but you ll get it. With the outer ring out,
you can just chuck it s trash. Now that I got that outer ring out of my wheel, I can
now stick on a new bearing, so I ll take it and slip it on my axle and then I ll take
my wheel and press down hard. Then I ll take the axle washer and slip it on and I ll take
my axle nut and start tightening it. Now what I don t want to do is tighten the nut all
the way down to the bearing. I could end up crushing the seal or shield into the bearings
and then it just won t work, so what I want to do is tighten it and check it along the
way. Now what I want to do is give it a little bit of play because I don t have any bearing
spaces in here, and that way it ll just spin really nicely. There we go now, I can go skate!
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100 thoughts on “Remove Stuck Skateboard Bearing Ring”

  1. I have the same tool! Mine is purple though. Cause purple is the shiz. But the plastic holding in the kingpin nut socket is pretty substantial and sometimes I can't get my trucks as tight as I would like. I skate loose so its not a huge problem. But to get them how I like them it takes a bit of work.

  2. This happened to me twice recently and it sucked so bad, because I fought with it for over 20 minutes. Wishing I saw this way before my bearings blew out.

  3. It's always good to keep the ring so you could use it for a ring instead of wasting money on those expensive rings lol

  4. I am doing this and it worked on one side of the wheel and not the other and it is a penny wheel

  5. Hey I went to the store and bought me on of those and I thought it wasn't going to work but it did thanks dude

  6. I broke my bearing.Because I was learning to Ollie.The wheel is fine.The bearing thing like the item that covers or avoiding the ball bearings to fall happens to my skateboards.I just broke the other skateboard that I have.and the new skateboard bearings got broken down easily.Is it how good the bearing.the the more stronger it get destroyed.

    I need questions?

    My bearings got broken today.The cover thing that makes ball bearings not to fall off.Just got taken off by the wheel.How am I supposed to do?

    A.) Fix It
    B.) Buy a New good bearing

    One Question?

    Do it depends on how good the bearings like bones Reds do.
    How good the rating of the bearings there's a chance of breaking it easily
    Do it matter's on how good a bearing are.the more stronger they get to not get broken down
    What am I supposed to do?

    A.) Like Bones Swiss Ceramics are depends that this bearing is good.the more it won't destroy
    b.) Like Original Bearing that you have.are the worst.they break easily
    c.) They are just the same thing

    I don't mean the rolling speed.I'm saying the bearings that they don't get broken easily.

    I'm too sad.but atleast I got a other dirty bearing to put in the wheel.

    Reply to me.I need a answer right now.

  7. i have had my board for 2 years nd havent lubed my bearings at all i know im dumb how do i remove them their stuck as fuck i tried other vids but their bearings arnet stuck

  8. how do I remove a bearing that is still in one piece but is stuck in the wheel. I try using my trucks to pry them out but I still can't get them out

  9. I'm brand new to skating and I got 2 complete board sets… On one of them there's a ring inside between the 2 bearings and it moves around… Like I have to wiggle the wheel around so that it lines up to slide it onto the truck. Is this normal? My other board isn't like that.

  10. I have the opposite problem. My bearings are really loose inside my wheel. I think the inside of the wheel where the bearing sits has become worn over time. Will this cause me issues with my wheels not spinning as much as they should? Please someone respond who knows about it.

  11. My Longboard bearings are stuck! I am used to remove them but they are stuck like never before. Using some oil and standing with my whole body weight on a screw driver to wreck them out even didnt work. Can anyone help me out?

  12. This was so helpful as I had a double bearing blowout in one wheel, My main issue was that the bearing case would not budge. In a last ditch effort before succumbing to the idea of buying a new set, I decided to put washing up liquid in the wheel and wash it out with warm water, the case popped out with ease!

  13. The bearing ring is glued to the wheel with gods cum. It's impossible to get it out. Looks like I'm gonna have to get a new set of fucking wheels. 🙁

  14. For those who can't really pry with their hands, place the screwdriver that is wedged on the ground and step on the top of the wheel. Shouldn't take too long and it is easy with boots.

  15. I would suggest putting the wheel in a vise if possible. I’ve stabbed my hand before while prying out bearings.

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