Review: 2020 Cabrinha Crosswing 4.0

OK, so the new hand held wings are rage and
you’ve heard of the Naish Wing Surfer, the Duotone Foil Wing, and the Slingshot Slingwing. But now we’ve got a first look at the updated
Cabrinha Crosswing. Cabrinha’s offering a 4.0 meter – just one
size at the moment – with some updates from the model we saw at the dealer meeting. A different entry profile here along the leading
edge, using their high tenacity dacron, so it’s wicked stiff. They’ve implemented their new Nano material
here for the canopy, which stiffens it up, gives it more durability, and it looks really
nice too. They’ve eliminated a bunch of the handles
and just went to one very stiff handle on the leading edge and likewise, they really
thought out the placement of the handles along the center strut here – minimizing the handles to just four. A lot of folks here in the Gorge I’ve seen
have put a line between these two handles in the case they want to relax and hook into
a harness. So you can add a harness line right here. I would say that this model is one of the
more lightweight and compact wings that we’ve had here at Big Winds so far. The Cabrinha Cross Wing comes complete with
this little stuff sack, so you see it packs down really nicely. And inside the stuff sack there’s a little
zippered pouch here and you get your wrist leash as well. So for $799 we only have two at these. Get one before they are gone. The new Cabrinha Cross Wing. And if you need a pump let us know. We’ve got pumps can supply to you. It just takes the standard kite pump that
all Cabrinha kites use. So it is a one pump system. Their slick Sprint system to integrate into
the leading edge and center strut. So here you go – the 2020 Cabrinha Cross Wing
4.0 meter for $799. Get ’em while they last! And get your wing on!

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