Richardson’s Boating Holiday Guide

Speaker 1: Richardson’s are the largest operator
on the Broads. We hold around about a 40% market share. We’ve been
established here at Stalham for 50 years, so there’s a
wealth of experience within the family business. The
exciting thing that’s prompted us to do with the upsurge
in boating bookings is that we now have our own new build
department that actually constructs the boat we’re on
now. We’re in a magical place on the north of Broads. It’s
a member of the National Parks Family. It’s 126 miles of lock
free boating and Broads to explore. Well the great thing
and the difference between other holidays is the fact
that with a boating holiday your set your own pace. You
set your own itinerary and it’s a mini-adventure. Ann: I’m Ann. Roger: And I’m Roger. And we’re having our
yearly holiday on the Broads. We usually try to come for a week
every year. We just enjoy it so much. Ann: Absolutely love it. Yes. Yes. We do. Roger: Do a little bit of fishing. Ann: We have a touring caravan but we always
look forward to this one best. What’s not to like? Wildlife, peace
and tranquility. Wouldn’t want anything else. Roger: If we go to a pub, we go to a pub but
nine times out of ten – Ann: Never do. Roger: We’re more out of the way somewhere. Ann: Yeah. We don’t really get off the boat.
We cater for the week if we can. Roger: A glass of wine and a beer. Ann: Yeah. Speaker 1: The great thing about the Broads
is it is close to the city of Norwich which has been voted one of Britain’s
best cities to shop in. It has actually got the largest
amount of coffee shops per square mile. And there’s
a number of historic sites to be seen with the shopping
and then also, at the same time, you’ve got Great Yarmouth
which is the well-known tourist attraction where there’s
all the fun of the fair experience you can have. It’s a real
difference. You can have the serenity of the cruising,
you can have the liveliness and buzz of a major city, and
at the same time you can have all the fun of the fair
in Great Yarmouth. Man 2: Good afternoon. Good afternoon. Hi.
Which boat you after? Man 3: Concerto 1. Man 2: Concerto 1. Yes. She’s all ready for
you. So your first time on the Broads? Crowd: Yes it is. Yeah. Man 2: It’s a good holiday, good adventure.
Right. Please remember when you come away from the riverbank, you
can’t just drive away like you can in a car because the
back swings. So what we need to do is travel forward far
enough for the back of the boat to clear any obstacles. So
we look behind, straighten the boat up so we don’t
hit anything. Now we haven’t got enough room to turn here
so we do a three-point turn. Remember, there’s no steering
in reverse. We turn the wheel to the right. We
leave the wheel there. Hand on this control now. Once
we run out of space, neutral, reverse, full reverse. That
acts as your brakes. As we start to move back, half throttle,
watch behind, and when you run out of space at the
back, we’ve got plenty of room at the front. Put it into
forward gear and because we’ve not turned the wheel, we
know which way the boat’s going to go. Okay. And that’s what
you do as many times as you need to completely turn
and it’s also the same maneuver that we do when we come
back. And we’ll just go on up to the left-hand here. You need
to be on the right-hand side. So how do you feel at the
moment? Ann: Yeah, I’m just fine. I think parking
it though- Man 2: We’re a little way off parking it at
the moment. We’re just going to get used to how the boat handles
for a little while so just carry on down there. Ann: It’s unusual that we drive on the inside
of the river. Man 2: Yeah. I don’t know the reason. I know
the reason why we drive on the left on the road. It’s to do with the
original London Bridge and passing cabs. Gentleman’s
Agreement. But why we drive on the right on the river I can’t
tell you. Okay. Now in general you want to stay at least
six feet away from the bank. Right. I’m going to give
you control of the boat now. Ann: Yeah. Man 2: Okay, what I would like you to do is
bring the boat to a standstill please. Do you remember how I did
that? Ann: Yeah. Man 2: Okay. It’s neutral. Pull it back into
neutral. Get a hold of the knob. Ann: So just pull- Man 2: No, no, no. Pull it back. That’s it.
That’s neutral. Full reverse. All the way back. Watch the riverbank.
When the riverbank stops moving, bring it into that
central position. About now. Next one up. Good. Okay,
and forwards. Ann: Okay. Just push it straight down. Man 2: Yeah. Remember your speed limits. Get
a-going and ease the speed back. We’re in a 4 mile an hour zone
so we want 1200 revs. That’s good. Just about there. That’s
it. Carry on up the river. So that’s how that control works. Speaker 1: So we have around about 270 boats
here at Stalham and when people arrive they get shown the boat, get
taken on a trial run. So it’s a 30-40 minute trial run
with one of our qualified instructors, just so that we’re
confident and the customer’s confident that they’re
going to be able to handle the boat correctly for the week. Ann: 3: We’ve always lived near the Broads,
but obviously never holidayed but I actually worked at a leisure
center a long while ago and there was a boat yard as well.
We had a trip on there and we were just hooked. My mum and
her partner always did it and we done it with those for
a lot of years, didn’t we? And sadly they’ve gone now.
But we just carry on because we love it so much. I can’t
think of not doing it. Speaker 1: You pilot your own boat all the
time, and what we try and do is give you the real sense of ownership of that
boat. So it’s not just like you’re hiring the boat. You’re
actually owning that boat in experience for the week.
We have young groups but our main group is 46 year olds
to 70 year olds. Well the great thing about a boating holiday
is it’s almost like your retirement. You can get up
when you want, you can go where you want, and you can just
completely set the plans on your own. Ann: No rushing about; you can just take it
at your own pace. Roger: Yeah. Ann: Wildlife. There’s something happening
all the time. Roger: Those walks as well. There’s loads
of walks. Ann: There are so many walks. Roger: And different places. Ann: If you’re a fisherman, there’s always
fishing. Well, right [inaudible 09:38] of course, from June. Roger: Scenery. Ann: Yeah, can’t beat the scenery; and whether
it’s March or October there’s always something happening. Speaker 1: Since 2008 when the recession first
hit and there was this phrase termed stay-cation, we have seen an
increase in numbers. I think it’s given people the opportunity
to sort of think about their holiday choice and realize
what fantastic opportunities there are to holiday
really close to home. Staying in the UK has the real advantage
that you don’t have to queue, don’t have to park, don’t
have to wait for your flights, no flight delays. Also,
I think what people have forgotten is how beautiful
this country is. Ann: You’ve got to remember, you can’t get
from A to B in half an hour. You have to plan where you’re going. If you
want a pub you have to plan where you’re going a day ahead. Roger: Quite confined space as well. Ann: Yes. Roger: You’ve got to remember that because
a lot of people if they’re in a confined space don’t always get on well
together. Ann: No. No. Roger: Apart from that I think- Ann: And by the rails, it’s you make it safe.
You make it safe so always obey. Roger: Yeah. Life jackets and stuff like that.
Respect the water. Respect the water because you come down here,
it’s very peaceful and quiet but if you go towards Yarmouth
that’s when things start to get a bit more tidal.
So you’ve got to respect and just watch what you’re doing
all the while. Speaker 1: The customers just don’t need a
license to operate. Obviously we have all the licensing in place but it
really is down to the trial run given by one of our experienced
operators. Once we’re happy that the customer is confident
of handling the boat and the customer’s confident then
it’s all down to you. Man 3: You’ve got to forget about driving
a car. A lot of people say, “If you can drive a car, you can drive a boat.”
But a boat is completely different to a car so you’ve
got to just put that car out of your mind and just relax and
follow what you’re told to do. That should be okay. Speaker 1: With the boating holiday, as I
said, is that you set your own itinerary. You take it at your own pace. You
can have the lively experience of the city or the tourist
attraction in Great Yarmouth. Or you can moor up in the
middle of the Broad, drop the anchor and just be in a complete
world of your own. Man 4: My own personal experience with a Broads
holiday has been when I took my children on a boat. They’ve experienced
the magical Disney Land and they’ve been to the
Caribbean and what they say to me is, “Can we please go
on another Broads boating holiday, Dad?”

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  1. me and two of my friends are coming for a holiday with you in three weeks time do we all have to do a trial run what else is done in the trail run ?

  2. Hi Shane

    Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. Yes we do trial runs for everyone it covers how to handle the boat as well as safety and information on everything on board the boat. You can also ask as many questions as you want. Have a really good time and we look forward to welcoming you.

  3. do you at Richardsons provide electricity extension leads for the electric points on the 24hr moorings and how much do the cards start at and how long does each card last in a single use plz

  4. hi at richardson's we have hired swan radiance off you for 2 weeks in sept and i would like to know if you provide shore to boat extension cables for the electricity posts and also how much are the electric cards

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