Ricochet The Surfing Dog: SUPERPOWER DOGS

COMM: We’re in Southern California to meet one of the stars of Superpower Dogs. Her name
is Ricochet and today she is working with a volunteer organisation called Best Day,
helping children with special needs. DANIEL FERGUSON: Ricochet has many superpowers. She is a surf champion who inspires everyone
she touches. DANIEL FERGUSON: But her real superpower is her ability to intuit emotion. JUDY FRIDONO: She just seems to connect on that heart to heart level with people. I just
know by the way that she behaves, I can tell how a person is feeling. DAVE KING: I can put her in a room with 100 people and only one would be sick and she’d
walk right in and go right to the person. JUDY FRIDONO: She alerts to their anxiety. I guess she can feel it or know what they
are feeling. LADY: Wes has moderate autism and moderate to severe apraxia of speech. He was very afraid
of water. He wouldn’t even go in the pool with me. He was terrified to go in the pool. LADY: It’s just completely silent when Ricochet is helping Wes and I don’t know what’s
going on between them, but their connection was pretty instant. He would talk about her
when he would go for therapy and then when we would go home after we did something with
Ricochet, he would talk about it and engage with us. She could calm him without using
any words. COMM: Ricochet transforms lives in ways that go far beyond the surfboard. She helps soldiers
with post traumatic stress and children with autism. And she and her handler Judy have
raised money from many families and charities. TODD GASPARIK: Makes our jobs easier because when Ricochet’s around, the kids are drawn.
And if they see Ricochet in the water, they are drawn to the water. LADY: She was the one on the surfboard with you. LADY: He was really worried because he has
a lot of anxiety, but as soon as he saw the dog on the surfboard, he just jumped on that
surfboard like nobody’s business and stood on it, which I couldn’t even believe. KEVIN CARTER: Ricochet makes children more comfortable. When they see a dog out there
that can surf, they think, ‘Hey! I can do that too.’ KEVIN CARTER: She will go for two, three, four hours without coming out of the water
because she knows that those kids need her. She is not like any other dog, that’s for sure.

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