Ride SuperPig – 2020 Snowboard Reveiw

Hi there, it’s Rob from Snowtrax. Here
today with the Ride SuperPig! So this is a new introduction to the Pig family.
Ultimately just takes it up a notch. It gives you higher end ingredients, a bit
more liveliness, a bit quicker response and slightly lighter snowboard. While
still embodying everything that the Pig family is about. So that’s slightly wider
platform which enables you to downsize slightly, because going for that wider
bodied snowboard gives you good stability at speed and also enables you
to still have good float whilst decreasing the length. Decreasing the
length ultimately increases the fun! What I really liked about SuperPig compared
to the WarPig is everything was a little bit quicker. Sometimes a wider
bodied snowboard for me feels a little bit slow into its reaction, this was
definitely more precise, more responsive and more fun. When you look at the stats
it’s still very firmly a wide bodied snowboard so ultimately it hasn’t
detracted from that at all, Ride have just wanted to give something a little
bit more rider focus and obviously upping the price enables them to increase up
materials to do that. Really Really light in the hand. Still very much firmly a Pig in its graphics but yeah if you’re after something that is a good sort
of all Mountain snowboard and you’d like the idea of a wider bodied snowboard
maybe you’ve got bigger feet or you just want to downsize a little bit this is
this is a great option. Probably a little bit too lively at times for kind of
likefor intermediates so more of an advanced rider would be better off for
this. But yeah, really really fun
snowboard and I think I found the board that I would ride out of the Pig range
and ultimately it’s a SuperPig!

3 thoughts on “Ride SuperPig – 2020 Snowboard Reveiw”

  1. Thanks for your insights. Last season I was riding both the Burton Free Thinker(and very much liked it) and the Deep Thinker. How would you say the Super Pig compares to those boards? Looks like it quite similar to the Deep Thinker.

  2. I've been riding for 20 years and starting to slow down a little. Do you think I should go Warpig ? Super pig sounds like my old self but I've been spending less time charging and more cruising and tricking

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