Riding the Wind with Philip Köster – World Champion Windsurfer

I can’t believe that I’m world champion; it has been such a great day for me today. I really can’t believe it! I started windsurfing when I was eight years old My parents helped me, they ran a windsurf school; So everyday I would go windsurfing in front of our home in Vargas. Back then I was already going for the biggest waves I still remember the first wave that I caught, You just don’t forget that moment. The triple loop is the most radical trick that I’m trying to pull right now a lot gets broken when you try stuff like that The third rotation is incredibly fast sometimes I break one or two boards a week There’s always the possibility that you can hurt yourself With the triple loop the chances rise, quite a bit actually I just try not to think about it I just switch my mind off and go for it Triple loop – well, Philips strength is his airtime, with strong winds he’s got more control and jumps higher than the rest It’s just a matter of time If anybody can do it this year, it’s him.

39 thoughts on “Riding the Wind with Philip Köster – World Champion Windsurfer”

  1. @j0sh4D seh ich anders, der junge ist 17 und hat wenig medienerfahrung. außerdem muss man in dieser welt kein einstein sein um sich zurecht zufinden!

  2. @qpwoeirutyalskdjfify ignorant prick…. america isnt the world. In europe and south america the most sold energy drink by far is red bull.

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