Rob Machado in “Endless Summer” by Marcus Gaab

I was born in Australia and then when I was about three or four they decided to move back to California My dad was a ski instructor, and a surfer and when he decided
to move back to California he was looking at two houses One was on the beach
and one was in the mountains and he decided to live close to the beach and they moved right here to Cardiff I’m pretty lucky where I live right here I have some world class waves North County it’s my favorite spot Surfing is a very challenging sport Not only is it difficult to do physically, but mentally it is something that challenges you every single day You have to develop a very good relationship with Mother Nature and have patience and you can never ever ever feel like you’re in control of the situation because Mother Nature will find a way to put you back in your place I just got this room
a couple of months ago so I’ve just been experimenting and learning how to shape, myself It’s called the garage project It’s actually with
Channel Islands Surfboards It’s basically like
research and development They give me creative control
to experiment with all kinds of different surfboards and designs in hopes that we find something amazing It’s everywhere! It wraps around my face I can’t see anything It’s like those sheepdogs just hangs down Yeah, sometimes it’s annoying but I like it

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  1. "you can never nver never never never feel like you are in control of the situation because mother nature will find a way to put back in your site"-Rob Machado

  2. Hair is the hat God gave you, however we don't always get the hat we would have liked. Rob got the sombrero.

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