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I’m with my good friend – Tiffany Haddish.
-Yay. Kevin: And we’re
roller blading today. And Tiffany decided
to wear an outfit. -I did.
-Yes. -I’m rolling ready, baby.
-Okay. Tiffany… -I got the socks.
-Okay. Tiffany, don’t put your leg up
like that in these cameras.
-These socks– Okay, I’m sorry.
-Kevin: Okay. ( upbeat music ) -Tiffany: So you’ve taught me
a lot of things, so I thought to myself, “Tiffany, what can
you teach Kevin?” And I said “I know, I’ll teach you
how to save money.” -Okay.
-Tiffany: So I have coupons and they’re about to expire, so we got to use them. I got a coupon for… One bedtime tuck-in
but that’s for bedtime. If you went and bought it,
somebody will tuck you in. Discount.
-What tuck–what kind of freak show is that?
-It’s a hundred dollar– it’s a…
-What is that? -Oh, well,
see you have somebody. See, I live alone, so I get lonely if somebody
don’t tuck me in bed. -Somebody comes
to your house… -Tucks me in bed and reads me a bedtime story
and then leave. -A stranger?
-Yeah. -Well, if that
don’t rhyme with murder, I don’t know
what does, Tiffany. -It’s gonna expire though
in like two days. -( whimsical music ) -I got another one here
for a one discount breast implant session. You wanna get some breasts?
-No. Why do I need breasts? -Tiffany:
Sometimes you might like to just
feel on titties for no reason.
-On my–what, I’m gonna put them
inside me? -Yeah, I know a guy
that did that before he lost a bet.
-Lost a bet? -He says it’s the best thing
he ever did though. -I don’t wanna meet the guy.
-Tiffany: Okay. I got–what that say? -Circumcision. -Wanna get a circumcision today? -I’m circumcised.
-Okay, cool. Well, we all know
that he’s circumcised now. ( laughs ) Didn’t–we didn’t want
you riding around with no turtleneck, you know. -All right, I don’t have
the turtleneck. -Okay, good,
good, good. Oh, oh, oh. Two Ultrasounds
for the price of one. -What the hell I need
an Ultrasound for? -We should do this one. It’s about health
and fitness. This is a part of health.
-Ain’t no goddamn health within a Ultrasound. -Yes, it is, you know.
-Kevin: Okay. -It’s the inside of you.
-Kevin: All right, Tiffany, I can–I can see
the inside of you right now and I can tell you,
it ain’t much in there. I don’t wanna get
a Ultrasound and then see something
that’s not supposed to be there
and now I’m panicked because it is there. -But then you can
get it removed. -Okay, Tiffany, I’m…
-Or you can like poop it out. -I’m not–Tiffany.
-Poops are healthy. -Okay. -( upbeat music ) -I’m Tiffany.
-Sonographer: Hi,
how are you today? -We had an appointment
to get the Ultrasound. -Sure.
-Tiffany: I’m giving
two for one. -Oh, great.
-Two for the price of one. Me and my friend
Kevin here, we’re gonna get Ultrasounds.
-I don’t– I don’t really need one, I can be here
and support. -He wants to see
what’s going on inside, maybe a 3D.
-Sonographer: Okay.
No problem, guys. Come on in please,
the Ultrasound room is ready for you.
-Tiffany: Okay. -Sonographer: Let’s check.
-Tiffany: I’m so excited. -Sonographer: Tiffany,
you’re pregnant, right? -I don’t know.
I’ve had, you know, a couple of run-ins
but I don’t know. Girl just say “I don’t know, I had a couple of run-ins.” -Yeah, you know,
I was a little tipsy. -Kevin: All right. Now what if
they say you pregnant right now? -Tiffany: Oh, then we
gonna have to go to six flags and get on some rollercoasters. -( whimsical music ) -I’mma need
a fifth of Hennessy too. -Okay, all right, Tiffany, that’s enough. -Okay.
-Tell me what’s going on. So, you think
you’re pregnant. Tiffany: I think it’s little
people that live in there, scraping at the walls. -Let’s see.
-Tiffany: Let me know. Sonographer:
Let’s take a look. I can feel them
walking around sometimes in my intestines. -Okay, Tiffany, we definitely don’t see
any babies inside. -Tiffany: Okay.
-But… -Okay.
-Sonographer: No baby. -No baby, that’s cool.
-Kevin: Yeah, that’s–I think– -I think we’re good.
-Can you see my kidneys? -Is that my kidneys right there?
-What the (bleep) is this? -Actually your ovary.
-Oh, God. Okay, that’s enough. -You know, I thought
that thing dried up. It ain’t dried up or nothing? -Sonographer: Let’s see. A little bit gassy. I can feel a rumble
in the jungle. Kevin: That’s enough. Let’s clean this off
and let’s get your ass up, okay? -Okay, you next.
-I’m not getting -no goddamn Ultrasound.
-Tiffany: Yes, you are getting a Ultrasound.
-Kevin: I’m not getting
a Ultrasound. I got a two for one. Get on the table. You have to be brave man,
come on. You have a big muscle,
let’s see how big your prostate is. -( laughter )
-Tiffany: Get in–get in there. -I don’t understand. -Tiffany: Get in there, man. It feels good actually, like a little tummy massage. Absolutely. Oh, my goodness. -Yeah.
-All right. -Tiffany: She like–
she like that.
-Jesus Christ. Tiffany: She likes that. You know,
I don’t think I need… Who doesn’t, right? -I don’t–I don’t think I need the thing right there,
I don’t think I’mma need all of that.
-Sonographer: Let’s see. -Oh, God. There we go.
-Sonographer: Oh, oh, his bladder is full. -You got to pee-pee?
-See? He is full.
-Tiffany: You got
to pee-pee, Kev? Kevin, you got to pee-pee?
-( laughter ) -Sonographer: Oh, look at
this muscle we’re seeing, guys. -Look at all that.
-You know, you can Ultrasound
your muscle. You ain’t never seen
a Ultrasound of your muscle before. Sonographer:
Wow, look at that. -Tiffany: Look at that.
You should be proud -of yourself.
-Okay, I’m proud. All this exercise,
look at the result. -Yeah, yeah.
-And a big heart. -There we go.
-Sonographer: He keeps
a good diet, healthy man with the big muscle.
-Kevin: Yeah, yeah. -So it looks great.
-Kevin: Yeah. Healthy man with the big muscle. -Sonographer: So guys,
-Yes. -Thank you.
-Big muscle and big heart on him and no babies
with you? -There you go.
-Okay, good. No babies on me.
-Well, for today. Kevin: Come on, let’s work out.
-Thank you. -Kevin: Working out
is great but working out with a friend is even better.
Especially when you’re gonna try something new. You know, skating’s
a real workout. Yes, this is fitness class. It’s instructors and stuff. We’re gonna go out there
and participate, we’re gonna get it in. Instructor: Okay, everybody
kind of gather around, find your own space. -Hold up.
-Tiffany: Wait for us. Come on over. Kevin: Here we come. Give me a second. Instructor: Wow, very nice. She ready. – Come on, Kev.
-Instructor: Yes. You’re gonna get here,
you’re gonna get here. ( laughter ) -We are the LA Roller Girls.
-Woo. -And I want everybody
to introduce themselves. -I am Kevin, aka Roller Boy, and you know what? I’m just trying to enhance the skills
that I already have because I pretty much know how to do most
of the stuff. You know,
I’m coming in as a vet. -I’m Tiffany… and I came to party.
-( cheers ) -I wanna turn up,
-Kevin: Yeah. -I came to be cute
and who knows?
-Kevin: Yeah. -I might get pregnant today. ( laughter ) -That’s not true.
I’m sorry about that, just… -I don’t know, Muhammad
looking at me kind of tough. -Kevin: All right.
Okay, Tiffany, okay, that’s enough.
-I mean, I’m just saying. -That’s enough.
-And then we got another… -Tiffany, that’s enough.
-Hey. You know how to spin already?
-Tiffany, let that girl talk.
Go ahead. -Instructor: We’re gonna start
and we’re gonna work into a moonwalk. We’re gonna plant the top
or out toe stop, touching the floor.
-Hmm. -Instructor: Bend your knees
and you’re gonna pull yourself backwards with it.
Yeah, Tiffany. -Kevin: Oh, yeah.
-Instructor: There we go. Whoever makes it
to the wall first – is the winner.
-Kevin: Woo. Work some upper body,
there you go. Somebody’s a fast learner. -Instructor: And pull,
very nice.
-Kevin: Come on now. Woo!
-Instructor: Uh-huh. -Watch out, watch out,
watch out, watch out!
-All right, girl. -Instructor: Kevin,
you’re standing in place. -Where’s that? Where that wall at? -It’s far behind you. -Dang. Why y’all put my wall
so far back? Everybody else
got the short wall. Watch out. Watch the cameras. You seen me
coming in like that? You got to back
that shit up, man. Instructor: So we’re gonna
move on to our next maneuver and this is gonna be
your inner thigh workout for today. Just kind of put one
in front of the other and make a little
like bounce. -Get on it.
-Tiffany: So– -Instructor:
Show us your best pop. -Kevin: Come on, Tiffany, pop!
-( cheers ) -Man: At a girl, Tif.
-Woman: There you go. Yeah.
-Instructor: You’re killing it. -Woman: Bounce it.
-And pop, bang and boom. -Look at the boy work.
-And pop, bang and dip. And pop, now dip, now pop them flyers up
and ( indistinct ) Tiffany: You’re killing it,
Kev, you’re killing it. Instructor: A little less
booty and a little more– -Kevin: Well, I can’t help
what God gave me.
-Instructor: –Bounce. Ain’t no sense at being
jealous of me, sweetie.
( laughter ) -Eh! Eh! Nice. -Oh! -Watch out!
watch out! watch out! -Man: All right.
-Kevin: Shit! -Woman: You got this. I got you.
-Hey, girl! -I got you.
-Girl, you (bleep) up. I’m out here moving.
Y’all got to keep up, everybody get on the train now! -Ah! -Instructor: Kevin,
you got to push, you got to lead this. Kevin: I’mma speed up,
I’mma speed up. -Give us that scooter push.
-I’m speeding up. Woo! All right, I’m breaking
up, break off! Get off, everybody off! This was a good workout, ladies. -Oh!
-Instructor: It’s okay. – Ha ha! Ah!
-Instructor: That’s okay. ( laughter ) -(bleep) you, Kev.
-Get back up. Tiffany bust her ass, yo. ( laughter ) Shut up, Kevin. Ah! ( music plays) All right, guys,
we’re gonna do the Bengay limbo challenge. Whoever can do the lowest limbo
will be the winner. All right,
so let’s go all in and win. Go, baby, go get them. Uh-hmm. -Oh, God. -Got get them, sugarfoot. Come on. Come on, Atomic Blonde,
it’s you. -Woman: Bend down.
-Kevin: Get it. Go ahead, big daddy. -Man: There ain’t no way
I can do this. Good job, Muhammad. Kevin: Oh, shit. A for effort though. -Tiffany: She got this. I win, I win. -Woman: Nice! -Kevin: That’s Goddamn
impressive, say what you want. -Well, there is a winner.
-Bengay challenge. -You might be sore
from that split but hopefully this win
from Bengay relieves the pain,
all right? Congratulations to you.
-Awesome. -Kevin: Unbelievable.
-Woman: Thank you. -Tiffany. What I’m about
to challenge you to is a skate off. -A skate off?
-Kevin: Okay. Yeah. It’s your routine
versus my routine. You take an instructor,
I take an instructor, they’ll help you
work on some stuff, you pick first.
-Okay. -What instructor
do you want? -I’mma pick her, blue socks. -Kevin: Okay, it’s me and you. -We got this.
-It’s me and you. We take like a little quick,
like two minutes to learn some stuff and then we come back
and battle. -Okay.
-It’s a shame you got to go against this though.
Ha ha ha. -I think my competition
is fairly uh, cocky, he thinks he got it going on like he’s the best but, no. Oh, step–oh, yeah,
yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. -Show me, girl. Okay. -My last words
is rest in peace, Kevin, because you about
to bite the dust. -You see how I did that?
-I see. Like I’m catching air. It’s hard to teach a guy
that knows everything. Oh, oh, oh! Ah! So what I told her to do is get the (bleep)
out the way. So when you pose,
I’m gonna be like, oh. Uh-hmm. -Maniac on the weekends. -We should– we should bring
the hands up. Instructor: Okay,
so we’re about to start the skate competition. -What?
-I’m gonna be your judge. I can’t hear you! Let’s see what you guys got! Hey, hey now. Instructor:
Get that bounce. Oh. And jump and ( makes sound ). Hey, pop. Now drop to you. Move girl, move,
you (bleep). Now I ain’t done, I wanna have some fun. Instructor: Oh, ground work. ( laughter ) Come around, girl. Ugh! Ugh! Now, Tiffany, you think you first but you last. ( cymbal crash ) -Kevin: Woo!
-( applause ) -Instructor: It’s not bad. That was it? -Tiffany: March time! March! -Oh. -Instructor: Hey. -Hey, oh, oh, shit, yeah. ♪ They call me Tiffany ♪ ♪ And I sparkle like a ring ♪ ♪ When I do my thing ♪ ♪ Boy you better see me ♪ ♪ Because I’ll bring it
around on that end ♪ ♪ Hey, hey, hey, boy ♪ ♪ Hey, hey, hey, hey, what? ♪ ♪ Woop ♪
-She’s twerking. Oh, God. Jesus. Oh, God. -Get down.
-Kevin: No. No, no. Stop. No, no, shit. -Bam, bam. -Cut the cameras off! Cut the cameras off! Shit, man! – Tiffany!
-Hi, Muhammad. -( laughter )
-Kevin: Tiffany? What? No! Shit! I don’t want y’all
to see her like this! Cut the goddamn cameras off! Y’all didn’t even see this shit! Tiffany! Tiffany!
No, no! Shit! -( applause )
-Woman: Yes! Thank you. Instructor: Okay. The winner of this
competition today… Thank you, Jesus! …is Tiffany. ( applause ) She ready. Woman: That’s my girl. Tiffany, get– back up!
Tiffany. I just wanted you to know
what it feel like to have a winner next to you. (bleep) son of a bitch. Let’s just give them
a round of applause, Tif, because they did a great job. ( applause ) Kevin: That’s from us to you. High five, Tif. Okay, let’s call
the workout man, so thank you–no, Tif, Jesus Christ, Tiffany. -She ready.
-Okay. She is ready, man. “What The Fit”, great episode. We’ll see you on the next one.
-Woo. -Tiffany, do I got it
or do I got it? – Huh?
-Tiffany: You got it, yes. How did I learn it
so damn fast? You a quick learner. Kevin: This is Kevin Hart
and I don’t wanna tell you what to do but subscribe
to YouTube channel. Do it. Just click that
Laugh Out Loud logo. It’s easy,
oh, and click the video to watch more “What The Fit.”

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