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Mahalo brosephs! Taylor here at Wakesports
Orange County. Here to talk to you about the 2018 Ronix Powerfish Plus. Three
different sizes in this board. You got a 4’5″, a 4’10”, and a 5’3″. I got a buddy. He
rides the 4′ 5″. He weighs 250 pounds. He is a little bit more of an advanced wakesurfer.
If you have any questions, go ahead and contact us on sizing, as well
as, you know, the shape of your wave, how big your wave is. If you’re a little bit
beginner style, probably 4’10” is gonna be what’s best for you. But go ahead and
call us and we’ll answer all those questions for you. Fish. Longest running shape in the Ronix line up has been the Fish. The Powerfish
was designed this year as a fun board. It’s got that super deep swallow
tail, as you can see right there on the bottom for you. Put that back nice and careful. I don’t want to hurt it. My favorite board out of the line.
Love it. Allows the riders to break free really quick, really easily. Snapping off
the wave. Got a really, really good bottom turn. Like its counterpart the Powertail,
which has been Ronix’s bread and butter throughout the years, the Powerfish was
added this year with that thick profile. Much wider platform all the way through
the board. And it gives the ability to pick up speed unlike any other surfer in
their line. Get ready to cut loose on this one, guys. Super awesome board.
Hope you enjoy it! Hey guys!
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