RRVLOG#26 – Pantai Mertasari (Bali Episode 08)

why are you crying? there is cow, look at the cow thank you cow bye bye there is a cat over there where is it dad? wow there he is, what is he doing? why are you crying? now we are in the mertasari beach in this beach a long time ago when I was in junior high school, I often playing in this beach by bicycle by myself now the appearance is like this Hi why you open the door? in here the sand is different the sand here is large granules is’n it? Rather large yup, now is 15 minutes to 9 o’clock so.. we already from Sanur Beach It was hunting for sunrise but it was a bit cloudy but now is sunny the sun have arise then also we have nostalgia look at my past elementary school my past junior high school my past senior high school and now we will back to the hotel for then have breakfast and get some rest, have ready and then to the gift shop and then get straight to the airport ok thumbs up

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