RUSSIAN APARTMENT TOUR : A must watch before Couchsurfing in Russia

its 10:40 am I am going to leave Dasha and Slava’s home Going to meet Alex, another Couchsurfer from Biysk He is Daniel isn’t this a big car! Now I am going to spend sometime with Alex and her friend at their home Then I will start my trip to Gorno Altaysk I visited 3 couchsurfer’s home In last 3 days I am feeling good He is Alex and she is Marina They wanted me to see their apartment Its very good I want you should also see their house They have allowed making a video of their apartment So, now you are going to see how does a typical Russian apartment looks from inside! All of us are more or less from the same age group So now you are going to see how an average Russian family or couple’s house looks like Lets start the tour This is the entry gate You have to remove your shoes here Put your jackets here In many places in India its a culture to remove the shoes outside of home I spent my childhood in Maharashtra. This is a common practice there My father still do not allow shoes inside the home This is the kitchen here are the toilets and bathrooms Unlike India the electrical switches turn-off when they are down This is how they turn on the things They have made it a green-toilet This is their bathroom This is the bathtub This is also used as a washbasin I am now accustomed to this On the first day of my trip, I was confused where to wash my face and hands, because there was no washbasin Lets move towards the kitchen This is their kitchen This is a common sight in Russian kitchens They put a lot of magnets on their refrigerator I saw this first time in the hostel in the Novosibirsk These are all other stuffs They get cooking gas from a pipeline Now lets go to the room Generally there are two rooms inside such apartments They have turned this into a studio She is planning to become a Youtube Vlogger They have arranged all these things for Youtube This is Alex workstation There is a balcony You can see the road from there Now lets go to the other room This is their bedroom Another workstation… a window, etc Thats me You can also decorate your home like them This is the main entrance to their building If you are couchsurfing in Russia… then probably you are going to stay in such apartments Most of my hosts till now were staying in such buildings Now let me tell you how to open or shut the door These doors have a magnet which shuts them You can call your host from here to request for opening the gate dial their house number they will accept and press a button to open this door This way you can enter the building Rest is similar to ours If you have a key, then this is how they open the gate Now it is again closed Now Alex and Marina are going to drop me somewhere on the highway From there I will start hitchhiking to reach Gorno Altaysk its 1:45 pm Alex said there are many mobile networks in Russia of them Beeline, MTS and MegaFon are popular So prefer one of these networks when you plan to visit Russia A petrol station is called AZS They are asking them on my behalf This is a Russian truck The truck driver refused to take me with him because… Passengers are not allowed in trucks Although everywhere in the world people do hitchhike in trucks Thai police stopped a truck to help me

100 thoughts on “RUSSIAN APARTMENT TOUR : A must watch before Couchsurfing in Russia”

  1. The couple is really sweet and caring , good heart people of Russia …the last scene of video really make me emotional it …God bless them.. thanks Varun sir😍😄

  2. Beautiful couple 👫💜 with beautiful heart 💜❤.. Love u bro. Thanks to traveling….

  3. Jis देश मे bhi aap jatay ha us dash k culture k barama aap vedio jarur banaya hum jana chatay ha ki vaha k culture kasai ha

  4. So great family this one. Great human beings I become fan of Russian. If I'll get an opportunity to help Russian tourist in India I'll repay back to Russian tourist their help their love ,respect,food,guest house to stay etcetera etcetera. I have now huge respect, love, to Russians. Thq so much great Russian family.may god bless you forever ☺

  5. Varun sir me apka begst fane hu or mene abe Abe apka videos dekne chalu kara h muje bhut maja ata h sir your great agar ap mera comments pade to plissss muje ak hi jarur leke and best'of luck next tour

  6. Most important thing is good human being..they treated as like family member..if every one from every country is follow this then there is no chance of discrimination and overall we all are humans..nice to watch this video..

  7. hey buddy!
    come to visit romania, transilvanian part of romania, which u gonna love. i can show you everythings you will love to film and feel.

  8. saw so many video of urs.. regarding russia.. i would like to say.. simply beautiful videos ..simple and elegant

  9. Thank you very much milena to help my countrys brother .When you to india you just call me i will help you as like guide

  10. There are still good people in this world , as this young Russian couple have shown. Really , their mindset is appreciable. May their tribe increases , to make this world a better living place.

  11. बहुत ही अच्छा वीडियो, वाह रुसी लोग कितने अच्छे और हेल्प फुल हैं। विदेशियों के साथ उनका व्यवहार देखकर अभिभूत हूँ, वास्तव में अतिथि देवो भव की भावना का दर्शन होता है। सलाम रूस।

  12. मुझे लगता है काफी देशों में घूम चुके हैं आप

  13. Was in Danmark for a year….west people love Indians…..our behavior most important…. Jai…jai….India-Russia….jjj….

  14. Russian are very kind and helpful people.we should also respect them when we get a chance to host them in our country.

  15. Dude, I saw your few videos but none of them up to the mark. All your videos have lots of Information about yourself rather then the place. You should have told about pros and cons of visiting Russia, hardships and facilities for the foreigners and problems, safety etc and how to avoid and over come them. However, I am not mean and have some complements also for you. Your narration is good, clear and loud, editing is nice and your confidence is commendable. I am from USA and travel a lot like you, just dont do vlogs, but I know what other people wants to hear and see. Ok dude. I am also PhD and Professor of Biology like you.

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