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today I’m say well you probably know me as a girl who called my daddy fat on TV but that was an athlete but now is I’m pretty fat I wasn’t doing as much Shakespeare in size doing it to make him stop eating all the ice cream proposing what it felt embarrassed about it it was an accident but I well I’m kind of glad dear because otherwise I wouldn’t have gotten the honor its Ellen’s or form legs one I still can’t believe those on The Ellen Show for The Ellen Show like kids with like very special talents while I’m I’m pretty normal I’m just a for normal people Michelle a cartload buck with average a kindly robot visitor training wheel all catching a ball I thought always be dancer but try to solve myself dance like on international television I realize that I started dancing like papa suck so I’m going to show you what life is like being a 12 year old kid comes jollier I’ll be on the office what I live for me is all about changing my brothers and sisters but I’m trying not to get chopped I love surfing I like skating but I really really love doing a live donor I think I’ll have a wine bar as good the camel sauce pizza waffle I’ve never tried cheesecake I think I’ve seminars my arms tight with the whipped cream powder cake carrot cakes a good one stars bright especially if you ask me can you please hit that red subscribe button line underneath and if you don’t let me just hit the red subscribe button because the major never see me again condoms it’s here anyway what’s taking you guys my intense okay it’s from a website it looks me I’m a little bit bleed anyway bye

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