Yummy You gotta be like crazy to actually see you like my siblings again said to save little eyeball to fire your honor I mean like Papa’s been looking after me this so I feel like I need like Been waiting and waiting All this is to say that any leader will be competing in the biggest skateboard competition in the world the X Games Today’s book is going to be about save up trying to achieve her lifelong dream of winning a medal at games You want Legends. I’m feeling really nervous to say Barney – I feel like I can’t breathe from the competition Leave me started yet. Me too I just want sable to be happy whatever song she gets and don’t put too much pressure on ourselves Yeah site has a really good chance of winning it if he does be so happy But it’s also a good chance to play the caboose and if that happens she’ll be so Devastated but basically that means this look would even in happiness Ortiz next play day. I Want everyone to write comments how you think this world will end either happiness? Lessons we have no idea side is gonna go and escape when in competition or how this vlog is going to end I kind of feel excited but then I kind of feel teensy bit nervous. Have you written the local min and sadness? I Can happiness you gotta have her? why I’m a little bit like I do think she is she’s gonna win a little bit, but mostly she’s got a bad feeling that she might know what me to Legends right now. We are battering up saber to talk to her for the very last time before she competes in the X Games Oh, I want to tell her that I don’t think My sister is going to compete in the X Games The reason why we rang you up because we Love you and like I just don’t see you sad again after you know 5 door Break my heart why we’re all that creepy the legends Don’t came they have so long it’s like oh hey that’s gonna do well Steve is gonna really do all the lettings a big very annoying to see You sad because when you when you say because I never ever get to see saber sound and then one jeez That is always break my heart However, you go in this moment I really really love you and like and this can’t wait to Watch you, and then like I just I really want to see them put the medal around you and that could you deserve it? Legends, I’m so lucky to have a And he’s not You lose we don’t care we really don’t care yeah, we always would love you just the same Can you guys please send me over my back no speech like what you’re getting Boise Okay like this, I think it’s time that you and me go the gym for one last training session before the X Games So get your exercising shoes on and get exercising clothes on and let’s go So I just finished my dream session and I hope she’ll and I’ve gotten to my pajamas I’m good do a good job for you like this tomorrow? But There’s also a part of me that thinks That I am going to fall I am going to lose and If I do lose them there won’t be any nurse nice to hug me and make me feel better about losing and I know that you looking if you could you come and give me a hug bet you’re not Here either. I really had the kids. Don’t forget to send me that motivational speech because that’s gonna really help me Yes, pretty nice no Sorry And human training Hobbit anyone of us and I believe in you from the heart and I love you safe I built it all And we really want You in our hearts let this I started trying to become sooo nervous mastaba and unknown we should send it or not because I Should send it because they didn’t you feel like we actually meant it Yeah I won’t say but good to happen because she does everything I love and I just want good for her now Legend this book to this day sad because we had to do a busy outside and fishy’s and going that world Let sense his fishy every morning when I wake up. The first thing I do was check if this he’s one to happen Yeah, right. He hasn’t back away. Yeah And that’s he still hasn’t cleaned the tank because she’s afraid when you get he out of the tanks He’s gonna go on the floor and die. Let’s know the flip of last time as he tried to clean out be she’s saying Pledget, I’m just not cleaning the tank out because I’m really scared of is he dying when I do it and then he’s probably gonna Die from an unclean tank, please pray that he’s gonna stay alive I’m gonna put the nurse nuts to bed early tonight because we’re going to wake up in Love Sorry Sabres gonna be waking up any second now she must be so nervous on Today’s dance competition The time has come I’ve waited so long for this ending like six more hours off on that Whether I’m a gold medalist in the X Games or not Here we are legends Okay, guys, it’s 3:00 a.m. I’m gonna wake up the Norris nuts and it’s time I’m so Late chance, there’s disco. We’ll just let him sleep Pounding I feel so nervous It’s pop just sent us this photo of say about she looks scared like look at our eyes it’s just about to start legends Sunday fun day here at US Bank Stadium as we welcome you to the women’s skin for Legend TV our sakes just getting to the screen they just give us a bottle Oh All those people watching in the crown 13 year old hace saber nor she’s the youngest competitor in all of X Games Please open the book, please. Please help of the boring Better debut one then. What’s a bird or is just put down? Eighty four point six six not any four point six six, I Just got a message of Papa and say bid tell Papa that she could do better She said she can do that outside Saber Norris. She’s sitting in second place with that eighty four point six six She took US Bank Stadium by storm on her first one, but I ask you now Lindsey What can she do for an encore to improve upon that eighty four six six? Come on say she’s just a teeny Pink everyone. I think it’s gonna be like a point bigger cuz he lies twisters bigger In eighty five point three three, so she does best her score as you said but not enough We thinking Don’t leave anything here in America, it’s fine It’s really good tape, I’m happy. It’s plastic. Okay. I’m very bad Legend aside to get second place. That’s still like yes still nice. Yeah Yes That’s really good Domino We’re also worried about say because she also look very happy, but we are so pushy second She got a second world’s biggest cape-wearing competition in History. Oh my fitness. It’s so happy with that said just like disappoint so dislike Most people would be the happy set of a Beyonce was just completely devastated I just wish we could cuddle her until I like we see God second me. Yeah, that’s good Cooling favorite Papa. Mm-hmm because we want to see if they’re all right. Yeah How are you I’m happy that I did like the best I could do and I’ll and in my rhyme I’m just really sad I didn’t like I Didn’t get the go and I feel like I thought was the best I can do It was like I’ve never really been a competition where my best just couldn’t win it It’s okay. It’s okay. Say we were so Yeah, you know, how hard was me like not to cry in the interviews Oh, it must have been so hot girl ability. Something need to be feel like the Olympic channeland It’s just almost Crying, but you know, it’s just like I teased my eyes and I was just smiling No, if I would believe you guys I definitely would cried The motivational speech she gave me was beautiful and you guys almost cried just like because you care about me so much and I feel like It would be so much nicer if I could say go and I wouldn’t being like the best and it wouldn’t be a reason that I should be sad if you mean like good ano, whatever. You got a medal with Anya So when you get home I’ll give you a copy my bed awake early bedtime stories Well, I’m very very lucky like what siblings like you don’t care any more about me if I win gold They just care if I probably person and I’m sorry for being like rocky lately bug just being like really stressed about like this this day and Go jump on a plane and head back to you Okay, I’d like use this time to pack my bags and let’s go on the plane let’s go home Might be away for once’ to come home so quick Ice then you say sesame great Tell me It gotta feel like crazy to actually see you like whistling Pig instead to sing the Bible define your honor It’s not a Kia hums it oh Thanks great to see you guys again hey back like I’m basically like every to you we miss you Thanks a lot, it’s really nice to like comment about the things you care about He’s like me like not being up to like a B you guys like cuz you know like you guys make you guys like My best friend like because of the people who I get to talk honestly to you. I gave everybody in this whole entire world That when I can’t that’s the last 10 days like besides Papa Well, I mean like Papa’s been looking after me this so I feel like I need like more Grabby You can find Why he doesn’t bigger As anyone digging he recognizes me yeah he loves you

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