Sailing Croatia in Wintertime is INTENSE

Wind is supposed to be around 15-20 knots.
Right now there’s almost nothing. Off in the distance you can see a lighthouse,
very faint right there. It’s about ten degrees Celsius.
Sea is a little bit rolly out here on the Adriatic and we’re about 45 minutes
into the sail. We are motoring right now. Tara how you feeling? We’ve got about 18
nautical miles to go. Right now closing in on this lighthouse.
It’ll pass on our starboard so we’ll go to the left of that island and now we’re
going to sail the Adriatic Sea. Anytime you’re on land for more
than a week the first day, two days, three days, week maybe you’ll feel a
little seasick. Nothing unmanageable but a little bit of salivating. If you’ve
never been seasick before the progression is you start to salivate and
your stomach starts to turn and then you start to feel green or queasy but by the time you’re like really salivating you can feel the blood
drop out of your face and it’s not a good feeling.
You feel like you’re gonna die, it’s terrible. Throwing up helps but even that
doesn’t cure it. You just have to work through it. So it looks like there’s rain
about dead ahead of us. The wind is blowing counter the swell so
we’ve got waves going reverse of this swell. We’ll prepare the main so let
the sheet run free I need to open the sail bag, attach the
halyard, raise the main. Head up to about 190. Good old mended rope. That was a bit of a
rough sail, got a little gnarly there for a while. We ended up in a little bit of a
cross sea so we were getting hit with swell from every direction
got a bit queasy, definitely cold. The rain came, wind picked up, ended up just
turning on the motor to get here. South of the island we’re protected. It’s
really calm, really nice. We’re in eight meters of water. We’ve got a ton of chain
out. Down time to kick up a fire. We woke up today on anchor. We are heading out
today to sail another 24 miles. That’s what we did yesterday to Silba, the
island of Silba and that should provide us some protection from the wind because
the wind will pick up again tonight. We’ll see if we can sail. The prediction
looks like we should be able to sail on a beam reach but looking at the wind
right now we might be headed right into it but that might just be the way that’s
coming around the island. Excited to be moving again to get
further south. I think it’ll be a lot warmer as we go. Feels so different
working in gloves It’s harder to move
with the gear on but it’s just different another element that’s
fun to experience. We’re gonna go between these two
islands that are down here and then once we get through then we’re gonna bear
left so head up like 20 degrees to about 120 stay on that for a two – two and a half hours 14 miles and then we’re gonna turn left some more and head up to
about due east so that’s the rough course right now. That’ll bring us to the
south west side of Silba island in Croatia. Generally we try to stay away
from the carbohydrates, but we’re gonna make some pancakes this morning. We don’t have
buttermilk but the way you make buttermilk:
you just take milk, take a lemon, put the lemon in the milk,
leave it for 5-10 minutes it’ll turn into buttermilk and they make
delicious pancakes. Go ahead, adjust course 10 degrees north. Here’s your pancake. Thank you. Oh my god Tara come look at this. We have just weighed anchor and began
to make way south to get around Silba Island where we were anchored last night.
Very calm protected anchor. It’s really nice this morning there’s not a whole
lot of wind but the wind is coming out of the south-southeast and since we’re
headed south we’re going to get around Silba and then 30 degrees east
we’ll be going like right into the wind so it’s going to be a 3-hour motor and
then we’ll continue to leapfrog our way south to get eventually out of Croatia
and down into Greece. Nice sandy bottom we will use the motor to
pick up the anchor and then we want to motor out of this Bay and maybe about a
mile directly into the wind to get out of the bay. We’ll go straight north then
we’ll set the sails and will pretty much head due east and we’ll be on a beam
reach and pretty much due south and we should be running with the wind for
about 18 miles. Right now the winds blowing about 20 knots. It should lighten
up to around 15 knots and by noon it might be completely calm. Tonight
tomorrow and the next day it looks like it’s gonna be coming out of the
south so we should be nice and protected in Luka which is about 20 miles away so
it should take us around four hours. We covered about 83 nautical miles in
our first four days of being back on the water. Since being on the water the
weather has been both heavy and calm. Now as we cruise into the serene bay of
Luka we are prepared to sit on anchor for three days as a storm brews in the
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81 thoughts on “Sailing Croatia in Wintertime is INTENSE”

  1. Low carbs are good for the gut, but man can some pancakes really help soak up the stomach juices when your sea legs aren’t quite up to the task.

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  3. It's amazing to watch how far you've come as a flimmaker. From a phone or gopro on a stick, feeding the homeless in NYC to vanlife and all the alternative living videos to now this epic adventure at sea, with such beautiful multi cam cinematography. You really are an inspiration to aspiring filmmakers and travelers. Keep up the awesome work man.

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    Other than the audio issues a nice video.

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