Salomon Craft – 2020 Snowboard Review

I’m Rob from Snowtrax. I’m the main snowboard buyer for Snowtrax. I’m here today to talk to you about the Salomon craft. This is one of our best value snowboards
it’s really going up against so the Capita Outsiders or the Gnu Money for probably the best value snowboard that you’ll get. In essence
this is a Salomon assassin from a couple of seasons ago which is a more premium
snowboard but you’ve had a lot of trickle-down tech come into this board
and that’s ultimately where it rides at. So really really good value for
intermediate snowboarders basically somebody first starting out that wants a
good trusty reliable snowboard with a lot bang for buck. It’s really
really positive when you put it onto an edge without being overbearing, so if you
get things wrong it’s not going to punish you it still is quite forgiving
but at the same time as you progress with it you can and it will really
reward it as set as much as you want to push into it. So, for a more advanced
riders on a budget, you know what, they’ll have a lot of fun on this as well
because a few years ago when we first tested the assassin when that first came
out it was one of the best snowboards at the
time. A lot of people raved about it a lot of people wanted to go out straight away and buy it. So don’t get me wrong this is still a lot of board for the
money and it’s really really fun to ride

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