Sanna Beach Surfing | Into The Water

Since I’ll be in the sea for a while today,
I have to make sure I’m wearing enough. I have socks, my wet suit, two caps and
two under-garments under the wetsuit. The sea could be “Baltic” today. This is Sanna Beach, in Ardnamurchan –
the most westerly point on the mainland. I’m just looking for any creatures
that might be here – crabs, lobsters or even a basking shark. Nothing here! Every time
I come to the beach, I feel like a little child again. I just want to splash about in the waves. Well, this isn’t quite a Hawaiian pipeline,
but it’s still fun. Careful, Calum! You lost a camera once,
doing this. 10/10! Narly! If I were to swim out now, there would be
nothing between me and America. Well, apart from Mingulay, Barra and Coll, but every swim begins with a single stroke.

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