every single dive is different it’s completely silence you feel all your stress wash away as much as you can plan a dive you never know what is coming once you’re underwater I like being challenged and throw myself into unknown situations my name is Sandra Marshall and I work as a Boomer product officer for INEOS in Cologne when I first came across any us I didn’t realize how many of her products are influencing our day to day life what attracted me to any us was the international opportunity that they offer to graduate very early on so after studying I was really looking for a job where I could challenge myself and do different roles in different countries so I mean from starting my job the support that I get from line managers and mentor has been really really great basically I have a line manager who’s based in Switzerland a mentor who’s based in London another line manager who’s based here in Cologne so the support is coming from different angles people with different backgrounds the growing part of my role is to help shape in your sis business future and becoming more and more sustainable I think we have to make sustainability a main feature of our lives I think for a company like any us it’s brave to be willing to have a conversation on these kind of delicate subjects so by working in K today with colleagues and with external partners I’m hoping to have an influence on the long term in your business [Music] so I’ve been swimming from when I was eight years old and just about four years ago I got the diving book and I’ve kept on doing it ever since then a key part about diving is every dive is different you have to be able to adapt to every situation that you see underwater that’s planning team playing skill and adaptability are definitely elements that are key to be used in projects that you’re doing in your day to day job I think personally what’s in yours is looking for in a graduate as an individual or a person that is willing to push yourself that is confidence and that doesn’t shy away from new opportunities and new challenges you

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