Scuba Diving in Raja Ampat, Indonesia- Sailing SV Delos Ep. 34

Previously on Delos The crew invades Raja Ampat Dive Lodge Gets the guests and staff drunk on Delos moonshine And does some more awesome diving It was time to say goodbye to the dive lodge So we untied the mooring lines and pointed the bow west. After just a few moments underway we ran in to some serious trouble with the main diesel and had current pushing us dangerously close to some reefs! “Oh man, so the engine just over-heated, it must have a coolant leak, I filled it up on the way here, but it must have just leaked out while we were at the at the resort, and unfortunately there is about 1 knot of wind, so we can’t really sail and there’s a lot of current, so when the engine quit, we were getting pushed towards one of these reefs, you can see, we’re kind of just in amongst all these reefs right here, and we were getting pushed into this shallow spot a little bit uncomfortably and we can’t really run the main, cos it’s real hot so we ended up tying the dingy off to the side just kinda make at least a knot or 2 and ah, get us away from the shallow water until we can get the main sorted out “Go Maggie!”
“COME ON MAGGIE!” “Trying to avoid that reef over there” “Sketchy” “Sup man”
“When the engine over-heated it f*cked our oil and when we got the engine cooled off, and filled her back up with coolant, we started getting the oil alarm which we’ve never had before so.. shut it down, did an emergency oil change I think the heat probably f*cked the oil, so we have low oil pressure or something but.. oil change at sea and we just started it up, and so far no alarm so.. hopefully this is all we need to do!” hopefully this is all we need to do!” “Good thing we have a dingy with 25 horse power!”
“Yeah!” “Good thing Maggie can pull a 20 ton boat!”
“That’s amazing!” It was way too deep to anchor so I don’t know what we would have done without Maggie but we moved Delos just enough to get us out of danger! Fortunately the wind picked up and we had an amazing sail to the Fam islands. Approaching Fam we spotted a beautiful white beach and decided, that this was definitely the place to set the hook for a few days! We where all more than ready to relax after our eventful visit at the dive lodge “What’s up?” “How ya going mate?”
“Oh mate, good , good, sitting on a.. beautiful beach!”
“Yeah, we had a really sweet sail here 15 miles or something”
“Just sailing along the water, was… yeah, it’s really hard to describe the feeling, it’s beautiful really really cool! Even though I felt a little bit slightly sea sick!” (laughs)
“All easy, it was really good” “We’re about to have a little BBQ on the beach with a fire going” “we’re gonna grill up some chicken with some cous cous” “Cous cous!”
“And we’re drinking boxed wine and it’s FANTASTIC”
“What’s going on?”
“Cous cous dance!” “Boxed wine and cous cous dance!” “Hey Brady! Get the other sauce!” “Nice couple days!”
“Fantastic” “Goon!” We spent a few amazing days at this beach BBQing, swimming and watching the magical sunset But we where ready for some more diving, and had heard about some great dive spots on Penemu which happened to be the next island over. “So we’re just leaving Fam Island We had a really beautiful couple of days there and now we are off to Penemu which is 6 or so miles just north of Fam island and hopefully there’s a little lagoon up there that we can bring Delos into, but we’re not sure we’ve heard that you can, and we’ve heard that you can’t, so we’re gonna go check it out for ourselves Oh yeah” With the engine still acting up we were sailing as much as possible, even off the anchor in the light winds After a few hours sailing we arrived at Penemu island and spotted something we hadn’t seen in months! Another boat! Strange! And it wasn’t a local boat either, but a massive power yacht! This was a very exciting turn of events. We spent the evening bottling beer, and taste testing, just in case our neighbors liked homebrew! “WOAH!”
“It’s set!”
“Look at that bottle!” (whistles)
“I’m perfecting it mate” “Get all the sugar out of the bottom there”
“Why?!” “Cos it carbonates it.. and .”
“Picking your undies out of your bum” (Brady mimics) “Because it carbonates it mate!”
(laughing) “That’s sanitotary”
“Hey!” “Oh nice hairs bro!”
“Yeah Brady!” “Hey, what are you doing?! Mate.” “There it is! Get it” ♪ Taylor Swift ♪ “Why can’t you seeeeee!”
(laughing) “You belong to me!!” “Hello, good mornings!”
“Good morning” “It’s time to go diving in Raja Ampat coral epicentre zone” “I wanna go to the bullseye”
“The Bullseye!”
“Let’s go!” “The coral triangle! Are you ready for it?!” “OH YEAH!” “Morning Phibbizles, it’s time to go diving!”
(says seriously) “Are you ready?” “Yeah I’m ready”
“What time is it? (laughing)
“Time to go diving” “Rrrrrrraja Ampat Divers.. are you ready?”
“Yes! Just putting some sunblock on my nose” We loaded up Maggie and made a pit stop at our new neighbors to say hello! It turns out these guys are leading a marine conservation program in the area and were totally cool! Without them the coral triangle would be over fished in no time. Dynamite, syanide and nets would immediately destroy the underwater sites that exist here today! They told us all about the best dives in the area and gave us the coordinates for a secret entrance in to a small lagoon that led up to their lookout tower. Sweet!!! We were really keen to get underwater and see it for our selves! So we anchored Maggie on a small sandy spot and plunged in, the water was crystal clear and teaming with fish. “OH YEAAAAHH!!!” “Love it! So beautiful!” “That last part is so cool!” “WOOO!!”
“TOTALLY AWESOME!” “I just wanna stay there forever! I didn’t want it to end!”
“Same!” “Indescribable man, there’s just so much stuff down there!” “And everythings so alive and so cool!” “It’s like …”
“it’s just hard to describe!”
(laughing) “Yeah!”
“Have to see it to believe it” “I don’t wanna leave!” “Oh man, that was a beautiful dive!”
“Yeah! Now in this beautiful lagoon” “We’re about to go walk up to the top and check out the look out point! That sea sanctuaries have built. Lets go!” “We just made it to the top! It’s pretty epic view. Smack bang in the middle of everything!” “The centre of the bullseye of the bullseye of the coral triangle so everything that’s going on, with species of coral and fish, it’s like centred right here, and really important that this outpost is being built they’re gonna have a massive light up here and they’re watch out for illegal fisherman coming in from other countries that are dynamiting and net fishing and just killing the marine. But it’s a really superb view and really cool” “Exciting” We where absolutely blown away by the scenery both above and below water! Its amazing to know that conservation programs are here doing everything they can to protect this part of the world. Apart from sharing their golden dive spots and hidden bays with us Steve, Simon, Steph and Dr. Matt also invited us over to hang Tuah that night for some drinks. Which we felt very excited and slightly “nervous” about. We hadn’t socialized with others in quite some time! “So we met some new friends today on a nearby research vessel they just took us on a sweet dive, or showed us where to dive at least and in true cruiser fashion, we’ve baked some chocolate cake!”
“Ahhhh!” (laughing)
“We’re gonna take em over some home brew”
“Some home brew moonshine!” “Some bourbon, some scotch and some home made beer!”
“See how that goes!” “Yeah we don’t really know how to… interact with other people!” “So it’s gonna be interesting!”
“A bit awkward!”
(laughing) It turns out these guys were totally cool, and we shared a lot of common interests. We got into the homebrew and made plans for a little hike the next morning. “Hey!”
“Good morning brother!” “Oh, good morning!” “Just loading up on water.. cos I’ve got a headache” “Why do you have a headache?”
“I don’t know man”
“Drink too many whiskeys last night?” “I think I’m about to get my period”
(laughs) “Did you have fun last night?”
“Yeah it was really cool! Really cool hanging out with some people just fellow friends.. ”
“White fellas!” “White fellas, dem white fellas over der in da big boat” “You guys pumped to go on a walk!” “Oh yeah!”
“I’m pretty stoked it’s only 10 minutes, other than 2 hours!” “That’s a pleasant surprise!” “Boooooeeeeeeecccckkk”
(laughs) “Do you remember the one off Fitzroy island?” “Yeah” “It’s a good walk! We’re climbing of Penemu, just north of Fam island Raja Ampat. What a beautiful bay! It’s called hidden bay.. or secret bay” The view from up here was spectacular but it was crazy hot so we didn’t stay to long before retreating to the water This was our last anchorage in Raja ampat and definitely a favorite of mine! We experienced some outstanding diving, clear blue water, incredible scenery and met some awesome new friends. But our visas were running out so it was time to move on. Back on Delos we began the mission to take up our 30m of road + 70meters of chain we had out. “It’s going good! Coming up!” With the anchor finally out of the water we set sail for Ternate, our last stop in Indonesia. Up Next! The crew leaves Raja Ampat and sets sail for the island of Ternate. We have an equator crossing ceremony and go for a naked swim in the deep blue. (laughing) “So we just got done a beautiful dive, on what we name bullseye ridge, just on the east, the eastern side of Batu Rufus Island, we came in to the lagoon, and we’re gonna go check out the look out that sea sanctuaries that has set up to protect the area, they’re gonna get the locals involved and do patrols, spot out big dynamite ships and netting fish lets go!”
“And netting fish?!”
(laughing) “dynamite ships?!”

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