Scuba Diving Lessons : How to Equalize Underwater Ear Pressure in Scuba Diving

This is how we equalize our ears when scuba
diving. The first way is to by gently pinching your nose and gently blowing out. The second way is by wiggling your jaw
from side to side.
And the third way is actually to swallow. There’s one other area that you actually need
to make sure that you equalize which is your mask. And that’s very simple, all you need
to do is actually exhale a little bit through your nose.

22 thoughts on “Scuba Diving Lessons : How to Equalize Underwater Ear Pressure in Scuba Diving”

  1. I've tried a number of things especially and hold-nose-and-blow technique (Valsalva?). It works the first 13-15 feet, then I've to see-saw little up and greater down till I get to depth whilst trying the Valsalva at the top of the little up.

  2. best way for me is pinching my nose & swallowing & the same time, I didn't say that the way you thought I said it lol.

  3. I can just open the sort of link between the ears and mouth, which you get by swallowing, but I don't need to swallow. Only works when going down gradually and a deeper descent requires these other methods.

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  5. 1:02. Gauge on the reef, not good. Protect the aquatic life, not destroy. Good video and concept nonetheless. Keep up the good work.

  6. This video helped me so much!!!!! I love it i could never equalize my ears even though I tried and I tried and with this videos help I did it thanks so much!!!!!

  7. I was in a 6ft pool this past week and for some reason even that little amount was killing my ears so i tried to equalize from what i had remembered. I did the nose pinch method and my ears squeaked underwater but suddenly my hear started hurting really badly to the point where i started making my way out of the pool because i was preparing to pass out. I nearly blacked out then i was fine after a few minutes and my ears went back to normal. Did i do something wrong? Ive been scared to try it again lol

  8. Was in pool for first controlled SCUBA tonight. Went down 3 different times, and left ear would not equalize. A little frustrating considering rest of class was OK. Like left ear was "Dude, get me the [email protected] out of here, now!" pain and discomfort. I was pinching nose and blowing, but no luck. Going back on Monday. Hopefully will have a better experience.

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