Scuba Diving Lessons : How to Use a Scuba Mask

There’s three different styles of masks that
we have here. There’s some that have actually a split lens. So this is the split lens style,
where the two lenses are actually separated. There’s some that have a split lens with side
window. This is the full face with the side window. On the mask. And then there’s also
another mask called the frame less mask, which really, there is no frame to this, there’s
no hard plastic frame like the one right below. And this mask is called the frame less mask,
there’s one solid piece of glass and then there is no frame on this. It’s actually just
Now the way to check to see whether a mask seals on your face, is to actually put it
up to your face, take your glasses off, and. You want to breathe in slightly through your
nose, and that mask should stay on your face when you do that.

14 thoughts on “Scuba Diving Lessons : How to Use a Scuba Mask”

  1. you're not supose to breath in when fitting on a mask, I seel some of the same equipment, have any tru view mask?

  2. @GameRemix You have the tank, it will feed the air in your mouth through the tube, and you just breath with your mouth, not nose

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