Scuba Diving – Tamil | 😱 BEST Underwater EXPERIENCE EVER 😍

Welcome back to Theera ulaa, We’re about to scuba dive in one of the best sea located in Havelock Island. We’ve now come here to book tickets with ‘Padi’ scuba diving centre There’s usually 2 options for Scuba diving first, they take you from shore to the sea Price for that is 3500 Rs Second, they take you in a boat and then you are dropped in the sea Price for that is 6500 Rs, Other than this They also offer professional Scuba diving courses here we’ve booked the first option worth 3500 Rs you will be provided with a medical questionnaire Questions would be like whether you have Asthma or Lung disease etc Regardless of how many languages you knew You’re supposed to use the sign languages under water An instructor will teach you those sign languages To keep the body warm under the sea We’re supposed to wear this tight swimsuit This fish reminds me of the evolution’s breakthrough When everyone were confused of how could a fish come to land as a 4 legged animal 375M old fossil was discovered Which was called as ‘Tiktaalik’ was the proof that a fish had both fins and limbs that helped it to migrate to land We’re then asked to sign the register before and after performing the scuba dive You’ll be assigned an instructor who is going to guide you throughout the dive Heavy belt is tied so that you aren’t affected by the buoyant force Friend behind me is wondering his beard might weigh more than the belt 😛 Before they take you inside oxygen tank will be given to you Breathing pure oxygen is deadly so they mix some portion of nitrogen with it For those who go beyond 30m depth has a potential risk of having nitrogen narcosis so Helium is mixed as well. But don’t worry This dive is only upto 6-8m deep Next they assist you with a face mask which will prevent water from entering the nose Not only water but also air We’re designed to breath through our nose so that it filters the bad bacterias and sends the rest through your nostril But inside water it is not possible so You’re supposed to use your mouth to inhale and exhale the air through the tube. They’ll give you 15 mins training for this when you’re comfortable with this, you will be taken inside When you take your dog outside the dog enjoys sticking his head outside the window and that’s how we felt when they were taking us at first But after reaching the destination when the dog recognises that it’s a veterinary clinic it reaction changes, Like wise we had little fear when we were dipped inside the sea. but then it feels awesome. Every time you breath inside the water, we feel so alive. Even if you’re ‘Kutraleeswaran’ you’re not supposed to swim during this dive Trainers will take care of you so don’t worry Clown fish – Famous fish after the movie Finding Nemo Interesting fact is they’re all born Male Based on the environment, large sized Male fish sex changes to Female, Suppose if the female dies then The next big male fish will change into female and take control over the group It’s not possible to see all marine life in a single scuba dive, so I’ve added few clips that I got from the diving centre, specially for you to watch and enjoy. This turtle seems to look sad 😛 Might be because of the lazy fish that’s hanging on it back This fish is called ‘Remora’ It has several sticky plates on it head with which it sticks firmly to Ships, Whales and Turtles like this This is a Lion fish (Rowdy fish :P) In Florida these lion fishes are being Hunt down by a group of scuba team because this fish kills every other fish, since it has venomous spike allover its body, it’s difficult to kill this fish that made them reproduce rapidly and this predator could kill the ecosystem so, they started hunting them down. One side Human spoil the ocean with plastic and other side they also do these kind of good activities to save the marine ecosystem This is Sting Ray Its tail is sharp and venomous Everyone’s childhood favourite crocodile hunter Steve Irwin was killed by this fish while shooting a film for discovery its tail pierced directly into his chest Scuba diving is not the only one that’s famous in Havelock Island but There are other wonderful places as well I’ll show them in the next video. Just like how we can’t forget Dhoni’s finishing six in the World cup This scuba diving experience is also an ever lasting memory

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  2. We can take camera there…? If we take camera then will give any water proof pouch…? And how many minutes inside water…?

  3. Super bro .. naanum Andaman ponen last year may month .. Scuba diving poga chance kedacuthu but bayanthutu pogala .. now I'm Realising that.. Really Andaman is an wonderful place to visit 👍

  4. Hi Bro,
    I saw all your Andaman trip videos. Really nice and helpful for everyone. Keep Rocking 👍
    We friends (as couples) are planning to go Andaman on August,
    1) Can you pls suggest few tips on what are the main areas we need to see or explore etc.
    2) And also heard many water rides and which rides we need to go which is worth without wasting our money? And where ? Havelock or Port Blair? How much those cost.
    3) About Limestone cave? Did u visit there

  5. எங்க டூரிஸ்ட் ப்ளானர் சொதப்புனதால நாங்க ஹாவ்லாக் கோகமுடியல but

    எங்க tripல எங்க gang North bay & havelock 2 இடத்திலையும் scuba plan பன்னதால ஒரு scuba வாது enjoy பன்னோம் சில பேர் havelock தான் best place for scuba னு ஒரு local tourist guide சொன்னத கேட்டு scubaவ miss பன்னிட்டாங்க

  6. Do we need to book boat ticket to havloc island earlier??..Or is it possible to get it on the spot from Port Blair??.. how much is the boat ticket cost??

  7. very very semma bro ennala intha videova paatha vodane
    ennakku pechu varala yena intha video vera levela irrukku bro semma bro

  8. Hi Theera! We'd love to have you come dive at our main deep ocean tank as our guest. Please contact institutional sales at 8939932222 ext 2

  9. Bro where you booked ticket for scuba diving??…in port Blair itself or after reaching haveloc??… Heard scuba diving tickets available only for early morning…is it so??

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