Scuba Diving Training | Beginners | Tutorial | Try-Dive | Havelock Island-Andaman Nicobar Islands

To Book Online Visit: To Book Online Visit: To Book Online Visit: To Book Online Visit: To Book Online Visit: To Book Online Visit: To Book Online Visit: To Book Online Visit: To Book Online Visit: To Book Online Visit: To Book Online Visit: To Book Online Visit: So let’s begin When you report to the dive center, you’ll be required to complete and pass a medical questionnaire and the liability release form These forms are designed to make sure that the diver has no medical condition that will make diving Unsafe and to keep you informed about the minimal risk that you must accept in order to do the program However, we are here to help So, please ask the professional who signing you up If you require any clarification once you complete these first two forms You’ll be required to watch a short video briefing about the program Please watch carefully this video covers all skills and signals that you will use while underwater and is essential for your safety Upon finishing that video a dive professional will quickly review the information with you in order to clear any doubts that you have Regarding the program Please feel free to take this time to ask any questions you feel a relevant to your dive Now let’s review the skills and signals needed to do this dive safely When breathing underwater Remember to take slow and deep breath never ever hold your breath as this can lead to lung expansion Injuries always breathe in and out through your mouth Let’s say you want to smile for the camera underwater for which you will need to take the regulator out of your mouth But doing so will fill the regulator with water So after taking the photograph first You need to find the regulator and clear the water from the regulator before you breathe through it again You need to take a deep breath through your regulator before taking it out of your mouth Gently blow a stream of bubbles and then put the regulator in your mouth again exhales forcefully Which expels all the water out of the regulator? If you don’t have air in your lungs to use the blasts method you can use the purge method instead For this press the purge button, which will then force the water out of the regulator? Start by taking a nice deep breath before taking the regulator out of your mouth remember to blow a gentle stream of bubbles while doing so Use your right hand to make a nice big sweep to recover your regulator Slowly find the regulator and put it back in your mouth use the blasts method to clear the water before resuming normal breathing Take the regulator out of your mouth and blow a gentle stream of bubbles Using your right hand reach for the tank valve and follow the hose till the regulator use the purge button to clear the water During your dives sometimes water could enter your mask Signal to your instructor who will help you clear your mask while still being underwater Once cleared signal to you instructor and then continue the day To practice mask clearing add a little water into your mask now take a deep breath through your mouth and Gently exhale through your nose while looking up up This clears all the water from your mask During your descent the increasing pressure of the water squeezes your eardrum this causes a discomfort You need to constantly equalize your years as you descend. This is done by blowing gently against your pillow Once tears are equalized signal to your instructor and continue your descent During the dive if you need to ascend in water to do to stand Your instructor will help you stay afloat by inflating your BCD once on the surface Your instructor will familiarize you with the in plate and the deflate buttons on your BCD You Now it’s time to prepare for your dive you will first be given a wetsuit to wear just to keep you warm to the water Then you head to the beach where the dye professional who conducts your program will meet you and escort you into the water to begin your trip Please remember do not enter the water unsupervised after the instructor helps you into your equipment Your first practice session will begin while standing in waist-deep water Initially breathing underwater will feel a bit strange, but it will get better with practice Use this session to get comfortable with the equipment and to get familiar with the proper breathing techniques your skills and signal Remember you have full one hour for the program. So there is no reason to rush Once you are done with your life your instructor will help you d kit and exit the water towards me once again Please don’t forget do not stay in the water. Unless you are under the direct supervision This is necessary for the sake of your own safety And so as not to cause any inconvenience for the divers, and your cooperation is appreciated Once you’re back at the type Center don’t forget to collect your photos and videos of them To Book Online Visit: To Book Online Visit: To Book Online Visit: To Book Online Visit: To Book Online Visit: To Book Online Visit: To Book Online Visit: To Book Online Visit: To Book Online Visit:

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  1. Again just utterly terrifying for me to do this, taking the regular out of your mouth and then putting it back in again, I would get water in my mouth and drown

  2. Honestly if any of you havent noticed there dins leaking air consatntlyan not being fitted correctly so no air is leaking. Really how the hell did these clowns get there dive masters ticket cause thats not normal to be leaking. People please go through padi an a well known dive store.2 minutes 2.05minutes an 2.47 scuba leaks

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  4. I hate to sound rude here but, diving is dangerous and you are putting your life at risk of drowning or simply killing yourself
    and also diving is not for everyone

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  6. OMG! I remember some of the dive instructors from the video, damn I too did my diving from here. I remember filling up that form in that cafe.

    Scuba diving is such a blissful experience! I'm gonna do again when I get the opportunity.

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