Scuba Diving with DOLPHINS: Basketball life Overseas

okay what are we about to do?
scuba dive we are so excited and it’s a beautiful day I don’t even know what the
degrees is out here but it’s like it’s like perfect isn’t it it’s not too windy
but we’ll see how windy it is cuz you know how I the wind makes a wave so I’ll
see if it’s funny or not but doesn’t seem too windy so that ready to go so
much for dolphins as I almost trip For him number two. you think don’t to don’t. Two. disrespect
everywhere I go He was joking I think. I’m bigger than him. He’s talking a lot of “Quack” behind the. Behind the counter disrespects crazy . Can we see your shoes man? Don’t give them shoe they have big feet enough. the day the box has a number you know
each one has a number. 33. No each one he’s just very high stress all the time
he was scaring him he’s always stressed out. They like to lie. everyone has a partner how do i look? let me see how i look. what let me see how you look. turn at Dave so we all
have personal assistance with us so my guys right there in the blue Hey one of the best experiences of my life. It was so sick. i touched a dolphin. he said no, but i touched it. it felt like wet rubber. he said I was the best student he’s ever had. and that I should take scuba diving lessons Who has bigger arms? Wait say it one more time. His. No he’s not in it. okay you guys so that is the end of the vlog my guy
who is like doing it for 20 years so if he was like best friends with the
dolphins and he like went like this under the water and I guess the Dolphins
could like fill the waves or whatever and they like would come and he was like
scratching a dolphin and I was like on its belly it was a close thing and then
I went to touch it was like so 10 out of 10 experience if you guys are ever in
Israel I definitely recommend doing the dolphin reef and watching we love you so
much yeah we’re so excited because we have tons of great videos coming up so
definitely subscribe and hit the bell notification but we love you bye.

13 thoughts on “Scuba Diving with DOLPHINS: Basketball life Overseas”

  1. Awesome video! I'm planing on starting my Youtube channel soon! were do you find your music in your videos?

  2. If you are new here, we are currently living in Israel where I am playing my first year of professional basketball. Join the fun to see what we do on off days or maybe a game day! Glad to have you!

  3. Great video bro! I'm def gonna binge watch the chanell! I'm hooked bro Haha.. glad we discovered each other

  4. I found you because of the interview in sport5 last week – i like this channel, you guys worth more subs.

  5. Dolphins are so cool. Quite smart also. You should get certified. I dive at least twice a week and it is so much fun.

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