Seoul : a couchsurfing experience

Once upon a time… Here we go! I’m in Istambul I’m waiting my connection flight to Seoul I had never been in Korea.
It will be my first time and I’ll be sharing my experience,
my couchsurfing experience in this country I did a lot of couchsurfing in Germany, France, Brazil Argentina and many other countries I traveled a lot also So… I think it’s a good opportunity for people to discover the world and make friends. to meet people, to know their habitudes. Let’s do it with me
and let’s see what will happen I contacted a few couchsurfers from the site They invited me. First one wont be at home. When I’ll arrive, he will let his keys in the mailbox. and… see you I’m in Seoul Ok. Maybe it’s right here. Check for the keys. Yep. I got it! I’m in Seoul. I’ve found Douglas’s house pretty quickly. and I’m inside It’s pretty cute here. He is not at home. I’ll be waiting him, or go out and see around I decided to sleep little bit, because I didn’t slept for two nights. Let’s try. I don’t know where Douglas is. But I slept little bit and I now go to the tango. I can’t get any news from him. My cell phone dosen’t work here. Let’s see if Douglas is at home now. Oh! Wow! Hi! How are you? My Goodness! Welcome! Pay no attention to everything that we’ve been doing for the last thirty minutes on the table. And welcome! Come into my home. Thank you. My name is Dog Su and I’m 70% Korean. I been in Korea for eleven years. And this is my good guest Anna. Arrived from somewhere overthere. Yep. Come on in. Have a sit. This is the time when you push “stop”. Ok. You can sit down. Can I do it? I’ll be myself photographer. I’ll direct myself. And you can ask me questions once in a while: as a sugestion, I may or I may not tape the sugestion. Just you can tell something about the couchsurfing and about the people who you met. Culture of Korea? Yeah. How much battery do you have? Oh! you know, actually… I forgot…Yeah… Maybe there’s not a lot of battery. Do you want what we talk about… Don’t move too much. Because… it’s better to look here. Ok. the culture of Korea. Not about the culture, about the couchsurfing. Did you have a lot of people here? Did you host a lot of people? Oh, about the couchsurfers? Yeah… No, you’re my first! That why I’m was really like a little kid. Like I get a new friend. Were do we go? We go sightseeing. Yes Lets do it. All right. Hello ( in Korean) Just at the right moment. Where is your Korean? What do you propose? I propose, that you use this always. When shuting video in Korea always travel with a buddy. Your super wide angle buddy. Where do we go? For the… We can either go to the crazy shoping area or we can go up north with art seeing. Kind of old, old house, traditional house and neighborhood stuff. Let’s see traditional house stuff… Ok. Oooo… What are we doing? We’ll meet Rainer! Oh! The other couchsurfer guy ! Yeah! Let’s go! Let’s do it! Action! Oh! My Goodness! Finally we met! Couchsurfing meeting! Fantastic! Hello! Hello ( in Korean) Hello…..and after we study also… let’s go eat! life is short…have fun…

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