Seoul Plaza Ice Skating Rink opens for 66 days until PyeongChang Olympics

Every winter, outdoor ice rinks pop up around
Korea,… and this week Seoul Plaza opened its skating rink to the public. With PyeongChang 2018 just weeks away, it’s
holding several special events for visitors to get a taste of the Olympic action. Kim Mok-yeon reports. [STANDUP]
“This outdoor ice rink, located in front of Seoul City Hall, is popular among locals and
tourists alike. There’s more anticipation than normal over
this year’s opening, as the rink was closed last year because the plaza was occupied by
demonstrators protesting for and against the impeachment of former President Park Geun-hye.” To celebrate the opening, the Seoul city government
has not only strengthened safety policies and improved facilities compared to two years
ago, but also prepared various performances… such as figure skating and short track speed
skating shows… ahead of the official opening of the 5,000 square meter rink. (ENGLISH)
“We prepared for lala land and we prepared for this since the summer so its been about
6 months. We hope that everyone enjoys our performance
and have a nice time later during the opening of the ice rink” The excitement was quite visible on the faces
of those who had the chance of trying the rink on the opening day. (ENGLISH)
“With my family we visited korea. we are very enjoying playing ice skating here because
its outdoors.” (ENGLISH)
“I like this place its funny and awesome place to find new friend and find new relations
so i like it.” With the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics
just around the corner, the rink will host various Olympic-related events throughout
its operation. From February 1st to the 14th, a special zone
will open for visitors to try their hand at curling, while for special days such as Christmas
and New Year’s Eve, events related to ice hockey and biathlon will take place. This year, Seoul Plaza Ice Skating Rink opens
for 66 days… until February 25th, 2018, the last day of the winter games. The rink will be open from 10 a.m. to 9:30
p.m. Sunday through Thursday, and will stay open until 11 p.m. on Fridays, Saturdays and
public holidays. Admission is less than 1 dollar per hour,
including the rental fee for a pair of skates. Kim Mok-yeon, Arirang news.

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