Seoul Plaza ice skating rink opens today to the public

It’s that time of the year when you’re surrounded
by things that remind you Christmas and New year holidays are right around the corner. One such indicator here in the nation is when
a grand outdoor ice skating rink is opened at the Seoul Plaza, complete with meaningful
design changes and upgrades. We start our newscast by going straight to
our Seo Bo-bin. Bo-bin, what’s it like there at this moment? Hi Daniel, I’m still here at the Seoul Plaza
Ice Skating Rink. The opening ceremony for the rink happened
just few hours ago. The ice rink is now open to the public for
free today and lots of people are out skating on the ice. As the ice rink is larger this year, and has
a range of activities like curling and VR for people to enjoy, the excitement is visible
on the faces of people who had the chance to try out the rink on the opening day. “It’s really cool, I have never actually come
to this area, so I’ve come to see the skating rink and I like that you can see The Plaza,
it’s literally in the middle of Seoul so it’s exciting … It’s Christmas soon so this will
make me feel like Christmas ” “There is quite a lot of people here… Also it’s not too cold today so I think it
will be perfect for skating ” On Christmas and New Year’s Eve, there are
special events that people can enjoy with their friends and family, such as an igloo
experience and Christmas carol contest. Bo-bin. There some other exciting events going on
around the capital this festive season. Do tell us a little bit more about them. Well Daniel, not too far from Seoul Plaza,
there is also a Christmas Festival happening at Cheonggye-cheon Stream, with sculptures
made of LEDs for people to stroll past and enjoy the winter wonderland. Also at Myeongdong Cathedral in central Seoul
on Christmas Eve there will be a big Christmas market along with Christmas plays and carol
singing. As for the Seoul Plaza Ice Skating rink, this
year it will be open for 52 days until February 10th. It opens daily at 10 a.m. and closes at 9:30
p.m Sunday through Thursday, and at 11p.m on Fridays, Saturdays, and public holidays. There are plenty of events to enjoy around
Seoul at this time of the year, so do come by with friends and family for a Merry holiday
season. Back to you Daniel.

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