10 thoughts on “Shark photobombs surfing kids”

  1. The parents just told them it was a Dolphin? So they can go into the same waters again and enjoy it? That's fucking stupid. Just risking your children's life more and more. 

  2. This is just a sign these future entrepreneurs are going to develop a better board when they grow up, and will present it to Kevin O'Leary aka "Mr Wonderful" and the rest of the venture capitalist panel on Shark Tank. I just hope these kids don't cave in and accept  a 2 percent royalty" and "5% equity. lol

    "Don't cry for money, it never cries for you!"-Kevin O'Leary

  3. It has flukes not a damn tailfin, New Day sucks, so cheezy only thing cool about the show, is the weather girls cakes!

  4. Wow, excellent news, really, thank god for CNN, really, sensational, journalism at its best, I'm serious, no sarcasm here, seriously

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