Short term vacation rentals upset San Diego neighbor

Short term vacation rentals are like nothing
else. You can’t get back the bad feeling you get when you pull into your driveway and you
see a whole different batch of cars parked next to you. You can’t get back the sleep
when you’re woken up at 1:30 in the morning and you don’t know who your family is going
to be sleeping next to that night. That’s not why people buy homes. We bought homes
with a promise from the city that this would be a residential zone. That’s how they have
it zoned. The city is not living up to its promise and that’s what we are trying to hold
them to. The real issue is the incompatibility of people on vacation living right next door
to people who are trying to get their kids to school, trying to get up for work. We aren’t
going to end this fight. We can’t because this is our homes you’re talking about, and
our homes come before anybody’s so-called right to make money.

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