Silver Surfer Destroys Galactus | Fantastic Four Rise of the Silver Surfer (2007) Movie Clip

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100 thoughts on “Silver Surfer Destroys Galactus | Fantastic Four Rise of the Silver Surfer (2007) Movie Clip”

  1. The only two good actors in these movies were chris evans and whoever the hell the silver surfer was played by smh

  2. Your clips suck. Popup buttons obscure the final scene, and you do it deliberately. You think this accomplishes something? Yeah. It pisses people off. Not gonna watch another one of these. Go fuck yourself you fucking idiot

  3. hahaha the movie really sucked how the herald of galactus can be able fight his own master (galactus) galactus gives power to silver surf

  4. I love this movie fuck this was 100 times better than captain marvel but people decided that this movie was bad just because galactus didn't appear with his known shape and form, human race is very stupid, specially american fat geeks.

  5. Okay can anyome say with a straight fave that a giant man in purple armor would be actually terrifying in this more "plausible" typenof super hero movie?

  6. And the silver surfer cartoon showed Galactus as a huge guy sitting on a chair, with octopus like hands sucking out the energy from the planets and destroying it..

  7. Silver Surfer Killed Galactus so fast that we didnt even saw its form because he's inside of those cosmic clouds

  8. Does this mean thanos was the good guy?? Snapping everyone away so that planets look less tasty for galactus to devour

  9. Go to 2:23 and play at .25x speed and you will see galactus' head show up about to devour silver surfer you have to look closely though

  10. The title should be "Silver Surfer Tried Suicide Bombing Hungry Galactus, But He Failed". Honestly, I don't think Galactus will die just because of that.

  11. Now that Endgame happened and we need a new villian, plus Disney acquiring Fantastic Four, I can't wait to finally get a fantastic four or x mdn movie

  12. I like that there's so many likes for this video because I really think this movie gets a bad rap I think both of these Fantastic Four movies get a bad rap especially if you see that abortion of a reboot with that cock sucker Miles Teller or if you want to see something that depending on your point of view might be even worse look up 1994 Fantastic Four movie and get ready to laugh. But it's important to note that movie was made and never released just so they could retain the rights to the Fantastic Four Doctor Doom and other related characters I forget the guy's name but he was a famous song low budget movie maker and the whole thing's interesting but yeah I think these movies get a bad rap they could have been better of course but they were also before all the stupid CGI shit that we have now. And the X-Men beginning Trilogy with Days of Future Past Age of Apocalypse and first class war way better than any Avengers movie. I mean I think the best Avengers movie at least the one I like the best was Age of Ultron even though it was nothing like the comic but yeah none of these are really anything like the comics. but I hate that this need is acquiring everything in their evil empire but now at least we might see Doctor Doom at his full potential and he's the greatest villain in history now we also had the potential to bring the Silver Surfer in and Galactus is not a cloud he's a cosmic being older than the universe itself and in the comics version of The Infinity Gauntlet Saga Thanos was able to though he could not kill them he was able to defeat Galactus eternity basically all of the cosmic beings with the exception of the Living Tribunal The Watcher and the one above all and he was able to imprison them in something. Oh sorry of course he being Thanos. But Thanos is a pussy compared to Doctor Doom

  13. I know people don't like Galactus being a cloud but seeing this again gives you that mysterious eerie vibe to it

  14. It took 11 years to bring a villain like thanos for marvel but sony brought galactus in just the second movie of fantastic four who thousand times more powerful than thanos lol

  15. Sooo silver surfer gave his power back to galactus feeding him for a minute? Silver surfer cant kill what created him so why did he kill himself

  16. for those of you complaining that they made Galactus a space cloud the only reason they did that was to drop hints about him because he had yet to be seen in full form. They were originally gonna make a silver surfer spin off film but since this movie got so many bad reviews they cancelled it. So in a way it's your fault that we never got to see Galactus on the big screen

  17. Thats what I don't Understand About the Movie why Did they Make Galactus Like a Giant Cloud Instead of A Giant Alien in The Comics but The Movie is Still Good

  18. Yeah The Avengers won’t be enough to beat Galactus. They’ll need the X-Men, Fantastic Four and all of the Marvel Superheroes to defeat him.

    Galactus is 100 times stronger than Thanos. It won’t be a easy fight.

    The Avengers, X-Men & Fantastic Four also need to keep an eye out of Silver Surfer that could be potentially a villain as well. However, In the comic book, silver surfer eventually helps the Avengers beat Galactus.

  19. I think Secret Wars is probably going to be release in 2024-2025. Marvel Studios needs to introduce and develop the Fantastic Four, X-Men, Shang-Chi, possibly Namor and Nova first. They’ll need at least four to five years to get those Marvel characters and group settle into the MCU.

  20. Although this movie is really nothing to brag about, the makers at least made Silver Surfer and Galactus faithful. In fact, this film is better than the first.

  21. Lets see how marvel pull this off. In my opinon, right cast just crappy script with cgi. The worst galatacus. But marvel can make him look good.

  22. Am I the only one who didn't hate this movie? Of course we can't compare it with the MCU, but this is from 2007, if you are going to compare any superhero movie from the past or the future with Infinity war or Endgame, then any movie will be not good enough for you.

  23. My Favorite Marvel Character… The Silver Surfer…
    And this is also the First Movie I ever walked out of the theatres watching… My Wife was shocked that I just got up and walked out…

  24. Tal vez está película no fue lo suficientemente buena para las críticas, pero al menos hizo un esfuerzo al traer a Galactus al cine.

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