Simone Robb was crowned the Women’s Longboard Surfing Champion in Peru in 2013

She came, she saw and she conquered It was no surprise for her teammates.
Simone Robb won her first SA longboard title back in 1997 and has won many more since then. She has also won the John Whitmore Surfer of the Year in 2010 and again in 2013 I trained pretty hard this year. I just
figured that the only thing that generally keeps me
down is that I don’t surf enough because I work too much so this year I just focused on being really fit and surfing as much as I can and cycling a bit and I guess that probably did pay off the South African team which included
Thomas King Ethan pins and Justin being also excelled
winning the silver medal in the team standings we’ve got quite a few as can see top
long what is in the whole world ASP and I say know if you watch people
at the breaks where they used to saving our
guys are definitely among the top in the world
probably the waitress in not exactly fun a lot to make the
trip to Peru and with no sponsors and virtually no
egg knowledge min for achievements from the commercial
sick that scissor days of competing other honestly company things but a
waste of money and time and effort and I’m just going to free so around
here time with my kids and yes with my loved
ones said indeed in a country where incidence
wat sportsmen are overrated and overpaid yet been at least like Rob
dominated world events then nothing no one can take away the at the 2013
woman’s the World longboard surfing champion is Simone Rob of South Africa great
Maria is ABC News Cape Town

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