Sis VS Bro Balance Challenge on Surfboards!

Hi everybody! And aloha! This is Kids Fun TV. [Cheering] Today we’re doing
yoga poses on the beach. Om. Om. Om. [Gong ringing] But before we get started. Subscribe below! Make sure to give
us a thumbs up, if ya like it! [Gong ringing] Text: Mountain Pose [Gentle music] [Rewinding sound] This is kind of boring. Yeah, we need something
more challenging. How about we do it on stand
up paddle boards in the ocean? [Cheering] [Fun music] [Laughing] Om. I know guys. Let’s make this a competition. I’m the oldest, I’m gonna win. No way you’re gonna win. I’m gonna win. I’m gonna win. I’m gonna win. Let’s get started. [Cheering] Text: Rules
1) Pose the longest
2) Have the best form [Gong ringing] Text: Dolphin Pose One, two, three, GO! [Chiming] [Cheering] I got it. I got it. [Cheering] Text:
Jack 0, Jazzy 0, Kaden 1 [Gong ringing] Text: Tree Pose Three, two, one. [Buzzer, Buzzer] [Buzzer] [Buzzer] [Buzzer] [Buzzer] One, two. [Chiming] I won! I got it. Woo! Dang it! Text:
Jack 0, Jazzy 1, Kaden, 1 [Gong ringing] Text: Crocodile Pose Three, two, one. One-1000, two-1000, three-1000. [Chiming] Four-1000, five-one-1000. Woohoo! I win! Text:
Jack 0, Jazzy 1, Kaden 2 [Gong ringing] Text: Cat Pose One, two, three. [Chiming] I won! Yippee! Text:
Jack 1, Jazzy 1, Kaden 2 [Gong ringing] Text: Monkey Pose Three, two, one. [Chiming] One-1000, two-1000,
three-1000, four-1000, five-1000… [Buzzer] [Cheering] I win, I win. Text:
Jack 1, Jazzy 1, Kaden 3 [Gong ringing] Text: Invisible Jump Rope Three, two, one. [Fun Dance music] [Buzzer] [Fun Dance music] [Buzzer] [Laughing] [Chiming] Text:
Jack 2, Jazzy 2, Kaden 3 [Gong ringing] Text: Handstand Pose Uno, dos, tres! [Upbeat music] [Buzzer, buzzer] [Laughing] [Buzzer] [Splash!] [Buzzer] [Chiming] Yes, I won! Text:
Jack 2, Jazzy 3, Kaden 4 Text: Splash Break
[Upbeat music] [Gong ringing] Text: Side Plank Pose One, two, three. [Buzzer] One. [Buzzer] One-1000. [Chattering] One-1000, two-1000. [Chiming] Wooooooo! Text:
Jack 2, Jazzy 3, Kaden 4 [Gong ringing] Text: Rock the Boat
Balance Challenge [Upbeat music] [Laughing] [Buzzer] [Chiming] Text:
Jack 2, Jazzy 4, Kaden 5 [Gong ringing] Text: Chair Pose One, two, three, go! One-1000,
two-1000, three-1000. [Buzzer] [Chiming] I got it! Yes, I got it! Text:
Jack 3, Jazzy 4, Kaden 6 [Gong ringing] Text: Cartwheel Three, two, one, go! [Buzzer] [Buzzer] I win, I win! [Buzzer] Three, two, one, go! One, two. [Buzzer] One, two, three. [Buzzer, buzzer] I did it. No, you didn’t. Two, three. [Buzzer] One two. [Buzzer] [Buzzer] Three, two, one. [Buzzer] [Buzzer] [Buzzer] [Buzzer] [Buzzer] [Buzzer] [Chiming] [Cheering]
I did it! I did it!
I win! I win, I win! Text:
Jack 3, Jazzy 4, Kaden 7 [Gong ringing] Text: King Cobra Pose Three, two, one. [Buzzer] [Buzzer] [Chiming] Text:
Jack 3, Jazzy 5, Kaden 7 [Gong ringing] Text: Warrior III Pose One, three, three. [Buzzer] [Buzzer] [Buzzer] [Chiming] Text:
Jack 4, Jazzy 5, Kaden 7 [Gong ringing] Text: Jumping Jacks Three, two, one. [Laughing] [Buzzer] [Buzzer] [Chiming] Text:
Jack 4, Jazzy 6, Kaden 7 Text: Splash Break
[Upbeat music] If I win, I get ice cream. And if I win, I get shave ice. And if I win, I get
a Polynesian statue. Woohoo! [Drumroll] Text: Final Results
Jack 4, Jazzy ,6 Kaden 7 I won! I finally get my shave ice. [Boing, boing, boing] Hi. Can I have some shave ice? Sure, what size
would you like? Large. Do you want ice
cream in the bottom? Um, no. What flavor would you like? Colorful. You want rainbow? Yeah. Okay. Anything else? Nope. Okay. Kaden? Have a nice day. Rainbow’s my favorite. Text: Winner
[Trumpets] Text: Bonus Beach
Challenges We’re gonna have a
little, bitty challenge. Whoever’s cannonball
is the biggest! And I’m the judge. Text: 1st Try Text: 2nd Try Text: 3rd Try There we go. The question for today is, who’s cannon ball
is the biggest? Okay? Go!
Text: Dad vs the Boys [Chiming] Best belly flop. One, two, three. [Splash!] [Laughing] [Chiming] I think my Dad won. Text: Winner
[Trumpets] Best front flip. Text: Kaden Text: Jack Text: Kaden’s 2nd Try [Buzzer] We’re having a contest
for the craziest hairdo. Three, two, one. [Splashing] [Upbeat music] [Splash!] [Laughing] C’mere, let me see it. Let me see it when
you’re done with it. Are you done with yours? How about yours, Kaden? Are you done with it? Hey, you can’t
cheat, you can’t cheat! He’s cheating. How’s he cheating? He can do whatever he wants. You can use your hands. That’s better. Dee, dee, dee! [Chuckling] I definitely have
the craziest hairdo. [Laughing] This is what I
should wear to school. We’re gonna try to
skip ourselves on, like a rock on the ocean. Here we go. Ready, set, go! [Buzzer] Last game, who
can catch a pigeon? [Fun surf music] Make sure to subscribe below. And give us a big thumbs up, If ya like it! Watch our other
videos on Kids Fun TV. [Cheering] Comment down below what
video you want us to do next. Mahalo, bye! The word mahalo in
Hawaii means thank you. Mahalo! Bye! Mahalo. Mahalo. Bye [Fun upbeat music]

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