Skateboarder With No Legs Aspires To Be A Pro: BORN DIFFERENT

COMM: 21-year-old skateboarder Vinicios
was born without legs. COMM: For years, Vinicios found it hard accepting and being open about his disability.

59 thoughts on “Skateboarder With No Legs Aspires To Be A Pro: BORN DIFFERENT”

  1. What's with all the hate!? This guy is out there crushing it and doing so well! Yeah maybe he has half his legs but you know what, damn I think he's incredible and a massive inspiration!

  2. Half y'all idiots can't even skate with full legs yet are on here talking nonsense! Obviously he has prosthetics but chooses to skate without them, grow up! He's dope, he doesn't let his affliction of limited limbs hold him back in a world where people kill themselves and seemingly have everything.

  3. What an amazing guy. He's hot too which is an added bonus.
    It's easy to talk shit from the comfort of your home, the anonymity of the Internet makes cowards brave. I'd like to see those "brave" keyboard warriors actually tackle their disablities head on and win. Oh and completing another level in world of warcraft does not count.

  4. Dude can't even do a fucking kick flip, find something your actually good at instead of making this huge statement about it

  5. Wow, bruh you are awesome, a real inspiration to those who have physical differences, in mine eyes you certainly have no disabilities

  6. People are making joked about it even though some of you can't even skate with both of your full legs, he's doing it with half of them

  7. Hateful People in this world to make such ugly comments about this young guy. At least he isn't sitting in a wheelchair with his hands out begging for people to help him. He has accepted his disability and now he is following his dream. It's funny how so many can be so judgmental and mean while sitting behind a keyboard at home. If you can't leave a nice comment don't leave one at all.

  8. All u haters out there this guy has half of his legs and he can skateboard amazingly whilst u pussys cant skate with full legs

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