Skateboarding Basics : How to Do a Kick Turn on a Skateboard

I’m going to tell you about a basic part of
skateboarding which is the kick turn. Once you learned how to change your direction on
the skateboard by leaning, you can turn the skateboard by a kick turn. A kick turn involves
putting pressure on the back tail and spinning the board on the back wheels. A kick turn
can be any number of degrees 90, 180 or completely 360. Practicing these tricks will help you
learn how to move with the skateboard and not against it. Simply stand on the skateboard
move you back foot to the ollie position then as soon as you lift up the front of the skateboard
begin to twist your body until you feel comfortable. Place the front wheels back down. Let’s try
a simple 180 kick turn. Notice I begin to turn as soon as my back foot puts pressure
on the tail, one swift motion. To turn sharper and faster you can make sure that your back
foot is even further back on the tail and give your body more twist. Anticipate the
turn of your body, feel it in your legs pressure on the back tail knees bent spin, the rest
of the body around, 360 degrees. Before long you’ll be using this trick to help you learn
other tricks and it will help you learn how to keep your body with skateboard moving at
all times.

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