Skateboarding Basics : How to Turn on a Skateboard

I want to tell you a little bit about turning
on a skateboard. Changing direction on a skateboard is an important part of learning. What you
want to do is when traveling in one direction simply lean in the direction that you want
to go. Make sure don’t lean your whole body, simply change the pressure of your feet. If
I want to go right towards my back legs, I simply push pressure on my heels. If I want
to go to the left, I simply put pressure on my toes. Remember the pressure of your feet
is more important than leaning in your body, maintain balance and stability on your skateboard
and let your feet do the rest. Let’s try some basic turns using the pressure of your feet
while traveling on a skateboard. Notice my body stayed relatively the same
position where my feet and the pressure is. The only thing that changed. Feet stay on
the same position at all times except you lean back on your heels to go one direction
and lean forward on your toes to go the other direction. Practice doing one after another
to increase your stability and increase the speed at which you can turn. Learning how
to turn is an important part of learning how to skateboard.

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