Skateboarding Meets Four-Cross Racing | Red Bull Feel the Wheel

I’m happy to be here back on the track again on Red Bull Feel the Wheel. It is different than last year. The track changed a lot. You need to pump much harder
to gain speed than last year. Here are lot of different riders with different boards, different styles and I’m really looking forward to skate
with all of them. This year 2015 we have moved
Red Bull Feel the Wheel competition to Benatky nad Jizerou
We are on the local BMX track, because I thought it would get the right level of speed here. We have got BMX starting gate here,
6 riders at the same time and the track is about 100 metres longer. And from what I have heard
from other riders so far, they are maximally satisfied with that. This track makes a fine advantage
for skateboarders, because one has to keep his bodyweight
in the middle or back of the board, unlike downhillers who are used to keep
bodyweight in the front part of the board. My greatest challenge are curves,
I am afraid to ride into it, it is important to get there as the first one, because it’s quite safe to overtake on bumps, but the curve will be a real deal as it is pretty narrow there. People consider me
as a winner already and that’s a big problem,
because I don’t feel it that way. I don’t ride longboard or skateboards
in general much. Especially yesterday, I had to push myself to ride down the starting ramp. But I fell in love with the riding here, And of course, when I am on the track,
want to race and win. Yet, the world is not going to stop
spinning around if I fail. Last year it was slow, it was necessary to push ourselves a lot. The starting ramp
is bigger today so it is a fast ride even for girls. The girls fall off here but they always get up,
and return to ride again. I am absolutely amazed by this event. It has been such a great practice and fun at the same time. I said to myself I would enjoy it. During finals,
I just focused on a quick start. She was not that bad. I am very glad
that so many people have taken part. We can see that
everyone was working hard, their skills were much better
than last year No one knew what to expect last year. I reckon that next year
is going to be the top.

100 thoughts on “Skateboarding Meets Four-Cross Racing | Red Bull Feel the Wheel”

  1. Looks fun and easy… only been riding my skateboard for like half a year and I think I'd shred this thing…

  2. These comments make me kinda embarrassed to be a skater. Stop making fun of long boarding. It's a different adrenaline rush than skateboarding. I don't understand why so many skaters of my generation feel the need to whine and complain about everything. And since when does being a skateboarder make you strong? I know some weak, whimpy people that skate that are still afraid of the dark.

  3. I love this idea as a new expression, but I think there should be 1. A much, much better track design and 2. Fewer racers ay once. Just 3 is enough sms race them in pools up to a run for the top 3 times in the final race.

    You really need to design a track with a grade from the start of the track to the end, (with a run off area), not unlike a bobsled track but with MUCH LESS of a grade. 2 – 5 degrees is plenty for longboards.

    Now, if you want something for nuskool riders, develop a track similar to the snowboarders down hill where it's one rider at a time going for aerials, grinds, and slide tricks.

    But for the racing? Naw, take my advice and go for the first recommendation. It wouldn't hurt to include a half snakerun where you've got two oppposing bank turns within 100' of each other at top speed, either in the middle our near the end of the run. But that's a "nice to have" thing. Also, the banks need to be taller, deeper, and wider because you've got multiple riders. It's safer and can help them gain extra speed if they need it. And skaters afraid of that probably ought not to be racing in skateboards.

    I also think your pump humps need to be better designed. A competent skater should be able to launch and catch air, not worry about wether they're going to be able to get up the face of them. With those, you have to focus on wheels down. Off that's what you want, them don't focus on them being tall until you've got the proper spanning of the humps. They should be their not as an obstacle, but rather as a part of the track that can gain them speed.

  4. Very poor editing. You don't get to watch the race, because you're too busy watching slow-mo shots of random people drinking energy drinks.

  5. Tbh I think I could be really good at this as I just go for it like in regular skating and wouldn’t care about crashing I would just go for gold

  6. WTF Rebbull steeping down to a new low.. your suposed to be extreme action sports.. this is such a waste of an event

  7. hi there guys XD im makingg a durt bort edit in my local woods and would love the song at the start of this video to be used in it. plz tell me youtube gang whats the name of the krusty song at the beginnin

  8. None if these riders are even fast or Really shredding hard. I need to start coming and shredding these people to pieces with some SUPER FAST skating and shredding

  9. Where does this championship take place? Can you please informe me red bull? I wanna bring this to Brazil.

  10. Street surfing and freestyle on small skateboard is what started skating,then came backyard pool riding,then came vert ramp halfpipes,launch ramps and small trick vert ramps in backyards..then street skating (rail slides on curbs,wall rides,kickflips etc..) and onto much more technical street tricks..Both short boards and longboards have grown in there technical riding styles and tricks quite a bit over the years.. I am 44 years old and I am born and raise in California where i still live and I still skate. I started skating in 1986 and have never stopped. I still skate short boards in the pool and lil street skate,but I mostly shred longboards at high rates of speed and do Raddical glove slides. I am sitting here with my buddy who was born in 1952 and was riding skateboards when it TRULY began when they slapped a piece of two by four on some roller skate wheels,Literally..he been skating and surfing his whole ask the OG's..but the bottom line is it is Super Lame for skate culture to hate skate culture,skater hating on one another..If you Ride a Piece of Wood screwed to trucks and wheels then YOU ARE A SKATER,PERIOD.

  11. I started watching until they kept interrupting footage with a foreign language. I guess you need to be bilingual to enjoy this video. Yes I know I could hit CC but why?

  12. Looks like it could be fun but its too slow. Sorry to hurt all the long boarders feelings but this isn't the right sport for you all. There is a reason you don't see long boarders pumping around the bowl at the skatepark. Its harder to control and maintain speed. I'm all about people having fun, but take off your wheels and put it on a regular board. This way you can still go fast and ollie if need be.

  13. fuuckin hell that would be sooo fun to do, i used to ride my cruiser on our local bmx track when i was younger n we also have a pump track aswell so I would definitely want to give that track a try!! 🙂

  14. I’m faster then all of them I drove my long board in 4 years when I was 10 I started know I’m 14 I bet u alllllll😂

  15. This is clearly racist non whites should be mandatory regardless of skill level. If you don't integrate your racist rebull

  16. about 8 hundreds people doesn't know about getting fun, low respect, stiff, disable and feeling macho.. uyeaa tralala

  17. boringly hilarious. i wouldve entered this comp when i was ten and now im 45 and would still do it for fun. gay….turning and pumping!!!! rockstars

  18. I kind of hate what skateboarding has become, those of us from the early days don't care how you hold your board or what shape it is

  19. People who ride longboards are not posers, A poser is someone who says they are something they are not. Just because someone is new or sucks at skating or rides longboards does not make them a poser, and people who are obsessed with calling out "posers" or scooter kids are hella cringy.

  20. And honestly, I'm sure these guys are better skaters than the people bitching about longboarding. I do both, I'm sure they even surf and snowboard

  21. I’m so close to 1k subscribers, please help me out and I’ll subscribe back, I only need 34 more subscribers

  22. The film and edit team did a horrible job. Slow motion of high fives but no real action footage.

  23. im a skateboarder but eould put dome cruiser wheels on my board for this i love snake runs and it would be sick to ollie some of the bumps it looks doable

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