Skating Santiago with the Pros – Red Bull Ruta 5 – Part 2

Nothing else to say about the stay and how well Red Bull has treated us. ♪ (music) ♪ We had to head downtown, and the street seemed
to be all ours, right? And we were living all that energy, we were all together; more than 30 persons
having fun, riding in group, cruising on the streets… It was a powerful feeling! Awesome. Skating down the Alameda,
we had a lovely surprise, international riders, Felipe Gustavo
and Ryan Decenzo, were also there. My name is Felipe Gustavo, I’m from Brasilia, Brazil,
I live in Los Angeles, California, and this is my second time here in Chile. It’s a lot of potential,
a lot of good skaters, and yeah, let’s enjoy tomorrow. I’m Ryan Descenzo,
we’re here in Santiago, Chile. A lot of fun, we cruise around the city and chilling with all
of these guys, all the finalists. The North is different from the South. The thinking is different,
the way they speak is different, everything is different, but as skating is the common thread all end up having a conversation about it,
something will always come up. I think it is almost weird to ask, “How do you do that trick?” because one way or another,
one knows how it works. Even if it takes you a long time,
you know how you should practice it. I really like it here,
I like the food, good people… Definitely great skaters, you know. I’ve seen them all day today
these kids are ripping… ♪ (music) ♪ This is the good part about skating,
it is a worldwide movement. Skating can take you
anywhere in the world, and if there is someone who
doesn’t speak the same language, one can still meet new people
and make new friends, because skating
is an international language. About Felipe Gustavo, he can do any trick he wants to, but if he sees a kid
who’s trying hard to do a trick he’ll come up to him
to encourage him and high-fives him. Even though for him
that trick is a piece of cake, he congratulates you
all the same and everything, and the feeling is great. We’re going in! It’s been an amazing day today, our first day in Santiago
for Red Bull Ruta 5, we’ve spent it with kids
and young skaters from all over Chile. They are all very good, it is difficult to predict
who is going to win tomorrow. It is difficult. Well, I disagree, I think it is between
Braulio and Marcelo Jimenez. The level in Chile
has significantly improved. We have 20 competitors,
16 locals and 4 wildcards chosen by The Chilean
Skateboarding Federation. I can’t wait for tomorrow,
it’s going to be a fun event. Thanks Red Bull for giving an opportunity to all the Chile’s skaters, you know. ♪ (music) ♪

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