Sky Brown and JT REUNITED!! – VLOG #2 The Nashville Diary

Hey morning guys. It is five o’clock in the morning, and I’m glad I go to sleep. I Tried everything but it didn’t work. So I just been watching tick tock on my phone and the ground and We’re in Nashville, but it’s raining outside and I don’t even think that was oh shit yourself Aipom go surfing and gives it’s raining. I go skating Yeah Sucks and I want to do something so I’m probably gonna go to the gym so I’m gonna pool but the most exciting bit about today and I wish was here right now like a me. I’m a to a class Anyways, let’s get ready It’s raining but that’s not gonna be an excuse being active is super important to me. I feel like I was made to move Oh Just takes a little work. Yeah. I’d like to recover I’m not searching or stadium I’m in four cities, but when there’s not a features a trick to me I like This time machine and I I just like to be active And now I probably gonna run all my So just finish the poll now we go back to your room and get breakfast In This room I go to the show and then the density Tomatoes can we get across something? So now we’re walking back to the hotel, um when we walk into the Breakfast place it was freezing. It’s still freezing, but both colder And now we’re gonna go and grab our Nike package Nike sent me some packages to my hotel and I’m super excited to open themselves Thank You Mikey thank you You can pick it up special This hotel and this was ours Madison Pretty long, but let’s go anyways, it’s a beautiful walk Got the box this let’s go to room So right now residing to see GG, I’m so excited. I haven’t seen this in a long time So I’m just excited to give him a hug Yeah that you were my first partner because there’s always a first like Okay, that’s all I understood I did It’s good, it’s really fun. She’s doing really good Yeah, yeah, we’re a studio right now Make sure you guys dance together Oh, okay see one more solid solid we got this do it again Kind of tell you your parameters of where you can go where the cameras been something you I guess it’s not odorous huge doorway Yes. Yeah, they’ll come in from this Just finish this show it was Epic. I’m so glad I got to dance with Gigi again. We just like talked about dancing It stars on TV and make sure you watch that when it airs it was amazing and Many more was there like is so awesome We got to talk behind the scene and we were just having so much fun And yeah, hopefully that might be our last time dancing on television with it. So super sad, but fingers crossed we can do it again and Now we’re about to go to a dance studio. And it’s called Melia cat Mila Academy I’m kind of nervous cuz it’s my first time in like going to a dance studio but Except for Dancing with the Stars, but I’m kind of I’m super nervous But I got JT there with me and everybody on like everybody and natural super like frenzy and stuff So I’m excited to meet other girls and all the dancers and just have a fun time Me 8 and 10 Go They’re just dancing a contemporary and super fun everyone so nice here and my cheeks hurt from smiling too much We are playing the candles are burning low One for each night. They shed a sweet light to remind So we just said goodbye JT and It just sucks cuz we’re really close we really closed and you go super far away from each other And we don’t watch time together, so it’s just not fun sayin, goodbye Sayin I was really hard But anyways tomorrow I have the boat was my last day in Nashville and I have a ballet class and I’m super excited for that cuz I always wanted to try ballet and Maybe after that we might go to the Indo skatepark and I feel like skating’s away the way I like I’d get rid of all my sadness and just go raw and Yeah, so see you guys tomorrow It was amazing So much fun Is so good at before super like Hope that I can come back to see Miss, Nashville This is my end of the end of my trip and Yeah, make sure you subscribe and make sure you leave a comment in the flap. I will try to come as much as I can And I’ll see on the next video

43 thoughts on “Sky Brown and JT REUNITED!! – VLOG #2 The Nashville Diary”

  1. I'm proud of myself when I get out of bed. AND SHE WORKS OUT, RUNS, THEN SWIMS? Oh man. She's an inspiring kid. ❤️💪

  2. Hi I’m Manisha I love seeing you. And I love skateboarding 🛹. Buttttt I can’t do it. I want to be like you. Your so pretty ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  3. Sky:yeeeeah we’re just gonna yah know, pick up some nike packages from Nike……*picks up gigantic boxes*

  4. When JT and sky get Starbucks at a little table for two it’s like an adorable little date❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💕💖💗

  5. Wow just to cute and wiser than most. So rad to watch i get stoked watching you stoked lol
    Yeeeew 🤙 your a lil rippa and an inspiration to all😊

  6. They look so cute when sky and jt are totally together. So proud they win first place of dancing with the stars

  7. omg sky i love u soooo much sky u r so talented and so is ocean do u play basketball cause i love to play basketball if u notice me can u plzz reply

  8. Sky you are amazing girl! im a wildland firefighter girl and you inspire me, keep doing what you do, you're conditioning your mind body and spirit and you will change the world!!!!!!!!!!!!! See you at the top!

  9. you are so inspirational! I have started skateboarding because of you! You are so humble and talented! I really hope you can reply to me because your such an inspiration xxxxxx

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