Slalom windsurfing pro training in Tenerife – POV footage: Rytis Vlog 07

good morning again guys
good to see you on the vlog again so today we have a training day slalom training, hopefully 8.6 / big board conditions and I am going to take you on course with my go pro
that is the plan at least and show you around how the training day in
tenerife looks like these are my meals for the day
so i have taken it a bit to the next level by preparing five days in front all my meals
and freezing them and then I have them ready when i need them start with slalom at 11 and the question i have for you is if you
guys want to do 7 races in a row and then switch to foil
or we do 5 and then we do another series and we see how far we can go with slalom maxiii how are you?
I am fine thank you it looks like today it will be another great
day of training I thought you will say picking up girls
hahahahah no today is training
i thought you were scanning the beach, but it is empty no today it is empty, but in Papagayo (night club) 2 days ago was not empty this is our rigging street pretty much everyone rigs their sails here then you go down to the beach and go to the sailing area which top of the rigging street right here since I have a car I usually park it right
there behind me it is not too far to bring the gear down
it is quiet convenient I would say what’s up guys?
are you going to ask some questions Leigh? What is your name? hahahaha
it is my vlog hahahaha
RJ_media Rytis media just rigging up the 8.6 it is quiet windy
at the moment, but….. It is not 8.6, it is 8.4 – common! oh sorry – 8.4 I am still used to my old sizes So rytis is kicking lots of people asses at the moment Yeah, first group He is now in the first group
with Adi together yeah Adi here – this is what he does to his
feet and this one we have had enough of feet yeah rytis has got good feet
Big feet big, good feet so he is putting the boom up high, I think rytis is expecting it to be pretty light ideally I would like it around here, but it doesn’t go that high ass shot!!! watch out – there is a hole in there so here we are approaching one of the starts
around 10 seconds left till the start now and everyone is approaching the boat quiet
early therefore I am quiet careful and slowing down
a little bit and here you can see [Andrea] Ferin going
over me and straight away you hear two sounds
which means that there was an overearly and I suspect that it was Andrea Ferin
so right now I set my watch back to 3 minutes to prepare for the next start procedure 5 4 3 2 1 who was out? ferin! so ferin was out indeed right now i put my boom up a little bit higher
to the very top in deed because the wind has dropped significantly
and I needed more power in my sail next star -we are approaching
I am just above Mateus Isaac and actually I am getting quite a decent start
except that Malte got an almost perfect start – at 0 seconds, full speed,
I was less than half a second late, but only 70/80% of the speed and that was enough for
me to get rolled immediately so even the slightest mistake in group 1 and
you are falling right behind at least now I have a clean wind for the rest
of the first straight and I am pushing as hard as I can to be in
a good position arriving to the first mark so right here I am right behind [Bruno Martini] and this gybe I am going to make a slight mistake – I could have gone a little bit higher
[upwind on the exit] and I pressed on the back foot a little bit too much on the exit
therefore my nose lifted up and I slowed down significantly Here an unfortunate situation happened where while hooking into the harness lines I cought
my outhaul line in between my harness and my harness lines
and half of the pressure of my weight is going not through the harness lines, but through
the outhaul line which makes sailing quite uncomfortable and I cannot push a lot of speed
right here and as you can see Ehtan Westera is just going
away from me like nothing else and I was just hoping to get to the next gybe ASAP so that
I could rehook again coming out of this gybe you can see that bruno
has made a mistake and I was trying to get over him
but he went upwind far enough and I just couldn’t get over him and stopped
at the same time Martin [Moller Hovda] sprtized us both like it was the easiest thing in the
world so that was annoying!! right now I am just trying to chase Martin down and also below me, a little bit in front
you can see Marco Lang as well so definitely not the greatest gybe as well Approaching the [3rd] mark and I am looking
in front to see if I can overtake someone and unfortunately I made another mistake on
the gybe I did not close my back hand enough and therefore
lost the pressure and in this lightwind loosing some pressure as well as not calculating the
waves well enough means that I stopped on the gybe
so absolutely horrible gybe, and I loose at least 20/30 meters to both guys in front of
me and behind me now I am just checking how far away bruno
is behind me
to see if I need to protect my place or if I can just go for the best gybe possible
so here actually I do my final gybe and it is the first good gybe in this race
I catch a nice swell and do fully planning, nice gybe and off I go to the final stretch
as you saw there I just checked what is happening behind me a few times
to see how far away bruno is and if I should be scared that he will overtake me or not
and even though it is training I am still pushing till the very end
coz that is a good habit to have here you can see we are approaching the finish
mark and the race is over races have finnished we did around 10 races
and I am now chilling with the tws crew robin who organises the races and some other
guys maxi – who did really well in one race
2nd? – 3rd, 3rd!! third in the first group so that is quiet
good I had some fun as well
hopefully you saw some of the amazing footage not sure how amazing it was, but we will see
and yeah now we are going to eat a few meals packed in boxes like that
it is important that your box has a handle yeah it fits you
can you show us how to hold it? I go like this every day
but actually the guys are making fun of me I dont know why, but maybe I have to change
it it is brilliant anyway, so we are going to eat something and then chill for the rest of the day

24 thoughts on “Slalom windsurfing pro training in Tenerife – POV footage: Rytis Vlog 07”

  1. Hi Rytis, I have been looking for a long time…your video is the first ever hands-on about a slalom race. Your comments are invaluable! They are very helpful to get a feeling of what is going on during a race, and what little things make a difference. This is an excellent inspirational video, fantastic!

  2. I agree with the others, it’s very interesting to see the POV view of a slalom race, especially with narration! Thumbs up.

  3. Great. Best training video I've seen this year and there are a lot. Espacally your comment. Very good. Keep it up. This is the different to others who are talking like kids.

  4. Nice video, liked the commentary as you were going around the course.

    – Do you want to make video, where you showing how to rig your duotone sail? 🙂

  5. thanks for the talk-through. I am a beginner, able to do basic stuff close to shore, unable to use a harness or do real tricks. How do you move your feet on each gybe and tack? I would do an indecisive shuffle

  6. Hey I have a question I’m an intermediate surfer I’m 16 I can plane and do the waterstart

    Im thinking of buying a board any suggestions freestyle wave or slalom

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