Hey everyone. So one of the challenges
a lot of beginner players have is trying to learn
how to stop and turn when they’re first
getting into a sled. So today, I’m actually sitting in a beginner’s sled which has got
a blade width of five inches apart. And, when you begin in these, it’s gonna be, honestly,
almost impossible to turn. You’re gonna feel like
you’re on a boat. But the point is that when
they’re five inches apart, you’re just mainly focusing on how to find your,
to stay balanced. How to stick handle and
move yourself around. So these sleds are
really hard to turn but I’m gonna show you the
best that I can right now with what we have. First thing you’ll notice, too,
is that even though it’s beginner’s sled, I’ve
taken the time to center my bodyweight,
so that just means these sleds have
adjustable blade widths, you can slide them
back and forth. And that allows me to keep
the front end of the sled hovering off the ice. If it’s dragging on the ice, chances are your blades
are too far back. You’re gonna wanna move them
forward which will even out the balance point, just like
a teeter-totter would. Once you got that figured out, now you’re just gonna want to
get familiar moving around. So you already know the position
where you start to push yourself. Just hands at the top of the sticks. And when you move around, when you go to turn, you’re gonna
find that you just slide real easy. Now, mind you, too, like I said,
five inch wide blades, and the blades are dull,
it’s really hard to dig into the ice. ‘Cause you can’t get over. Like, I have to force myself to
get over onto one blade and on five inches wide,
it’s not practical. So here’s what we’re gonna do. You’re gonna use your
picks like outriggers and you’re gonna use these
to help balance you and hook you into
the ice to turn. So, as I’m pushing, one way is I can just put my
right hand stick on the inside. And that’s gonna turn me around. Now, you’ll notice that I start
spinning a lot of speed, so when I turn here,
I can put my other one out to pull me and this
can just keep sliding your butt across the ice. Looks a little funny, I know. Another technique you can use is just by changing the position
of your hands down your sticks. So you’re just gonna want to
keep your outside hand picking and you can slide you right
hand down and pull yourself. Same thing over here. And this way, you can actually,
with a beginner’s sled, start to maneuver yourself
around a lot easier. Okay, so now we’re actually sitting
in a sled with blade width of three and a half inches
apart, a lot narrower. That means that I can actually
get on my side a lot easier. You can just see how
simple it is to tip. I’ll show you a couple of examples
on how you can turn and stop better on these blades. Same idea, pushing yourself. You wanna lean, but you’ll notice that I’m starting
to slightly get onto my edge. It’s not a lot, it’s not like
cutting and carving into the ice but it’s enough that I can actually, when I’m picking here,
you can see, if you have close shot, of getting underneath and on one. That also allows me to dig my blade into the ice better
so I can actually start to learn how to make a cut. It’s gonna be really hard with three
but we’ll try a harder one here. So this is gonna allow you to get
over onto your edge a lot better. It also is gonna require more
balance and strength in your core. But as you progress, you start
moving the blades in closer, you start working in your conditioning and that’s gonna be able to help
your turn and stop faster. Alright, so now we’re
in my pro sled. And you’re gonna notice that
the blades are very close together. I have mine at one and
an inch quarter apart. You actually have two blades still. A lot of people ask
if there’s one blade. We always have two, some guys
go down to a quarter inch. I like to stay here ’cause
this is my happy medium. Wider allows me more
stability on the ice when I’m like playing in
and body checking. But I still lose the ability
to turn sharper. I could go more narrow but I know
that this is what works for me. So once you find the blade
width that works for you, whether it’s three inch,
two inch, one or less, that’s when you can start actually
focusing on how you turn and how sharp you turn. So you’ll notice that when I go
to turn here, on my right, it’s real easy for me to get over. And turn sharp. And there’s a couple different
turning techniques we’ll show you in another video
but the idea is that you start to progressively
move your blades closer together. As you increase you ability level, that’s gonna allow you to skate
faster, turn sharper, move quicker with the play
and push yourself to become a better
sledge hockey player. Hey everyone, thanks
so much for tuning in. It means the world to me if you
can leave comment below. Please tell me what we
can do differently. Any ideas for a future video. We’re putting out content
every single week here to educate people and let
people know more about how to play the sport
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