Snapping Kids Scooter Deck..

Oh good, okay. I want a shirt I got a really good question. Hit me with it break my scooter like right now like you owe me like on flat Why do you want me a break your scooter? Cuz it’s napping or don’t think it’s Oprah oh my gosh. You’re super cracking. Okay. Yeah, I’m done. Okay, just for the record I’m not mean he asked me to do this his scooters breaking and he’s getting a new deck, right? So I’m not mean, you know, you’re police are gonna go down comment raise a jerk, but that’s fine because I’m not mean right I’m not me. Let’s do it. How many tries you think is gonna take me to actually snap this thing For how many times do you think? Five, I’m gonna go with three I’m gonna cut it lower. I cleared the car right now What do you guys think one two, three, four or five or more three three, there’s no card yet, but I’ll take it I’ll take it. Will you film this for me? Break your bars or something Hard brew my knee is non-existent. Its frickin gone. Oh, dude, that was not good. I don’t see it. Let me see it Are I freaking pee do the thing is toast I snapped that scooter so freakin bad, let me see that bottom leg dude alright pee That’s all I want to know before today two months two months All right, freaking pee to scoot scoot is freaking dunzo, but I was a good time. Thank you Thank you for the opportunity because that was actually really cool again I’m not mean I’m not mean my knee is still not good. That was not good All right, but we are out here as gonna do the skate park right now. They the Escondido skateboard competition going I think they just started. I think the very first run just took off. What’s up, baby. That’s beautiful. You’re looking good today He’s looking fly my man Of course, you have made some Marley here, you know Well here we got the merch booth if you guys want to grab your marriage you can go These are not for sale. I have them out here. Just so people can look at them just for an idea I’m gonna try to ride at some point today. Don’t know if I’m gonna be able to I’m gonna try so as many of you may know yesterday. I rode a lot with Kody Flom at Claremont, CA Park We rode vert and then he wrote flat and tried to make me pee flat and I can do that but steve-o can and Steve Was gonna definitely be some competition at this flatland comp that’s coming up and I want to see a run from you right now I want to call you the run. I want three tricks. I make Kody do five. So these three should be okay for you Yes bar whip we’re just equate yourself Blow whip whip umbrella wave front scoot. We made Kody do whip front scoot yesterday. He did it First go and I want to see if steve-o can do these three tricks First go what you should be able to wait. I didn’t actually no, I don’t just go ahead Right, you got sweat I’m like, yeah Where are we going you’re supposed to do it in one line? No, like one line not to line. That’s two lines No, let me get my scooter Oops. Sorry. Sorry. I almost took a lady out, but I’m ready. Oh Here we go Motown squaw baby both dad’s quad Bar double, okay Bar double connect quad. Oh you guys come back. I’ll take that I’m gonna take that but I’m all you know, I mean, I’ll take it but Yeah, it’s not like you’d keep the quasi icy quick Triple heal because I can’t know. Yeah just do it No, just because I can’t triple you you Yeah, you had to do a second try I’ll do it first right right now but you know I’ll have my helmet always are devil Yeah, that’s good you’re just wedding you’re like a souffle Barb right, I Literally just want to see a nice like clean easy bride it has to be clean though, right quad what I Remember, I’m lost I hit my head too many times That’s how I guarantee oh you better You just breathe like Cyril John Racz, I got nothing. Sorry. It sucks. Yeah, I know against John Lord. Oh, I’m gonna die. Oh, yeah, you’re screwed. Okay Dude Ripa dude. That was it. This coot is done. What kind of deck are you getting now? Like what’s it? What’s the next? Iconoclasts. Alright. Thanks Ben for letting me destroy your entire My deck, that’s something you’re not probably not gonna hear for a little while. Thanks for breaking my scooter. Thanks Appreciate it one guys that one wrong. No way Told you I’m Tristan, I would go tune and we’re gonna steal Ravens vlog today. We like doing this to Steve Raymond Hi, okay, I’m gonna get a flag clip you’re gonna get a flatfoot they’re coming in I’m going to try a triple. Whip on the flats of ground I took your vlog. Yeah, I could tell it was like something missing did so happen to be the most freaking expensive thing there It’s okay Alright good. I’m glad thanks you. Thanks for that So I’m not riding in today’s competition because this is like an open Pro vent beings that that is the case That means I’ve been sitting in the crowd and I can’t hear anything. I can’t hear the announcer Nothing, so I want to fix that We got ramen Warner right here welcome to the vlog not the man the myth raymond water well just a man in the myth I don’t get the legend part. That’s like the main part Now, I’m just fake. I’m a myth and I think you already knew you were alive. We have an issue We can’t hear nobody can hear where there can I turn this speaker? Yes. I’m saving the day Oh, Tim with the wind Yes, Tim, we out here making things happen. Oh, I like your hat. I like your Brain is too far Domo you’re here. Hey, dude. I haven’t seen you all day I was like does don’t even here right in front of me at the food truck? You really were Thank you. I’m so sorry. Brando’s going right now. We have to watch random, but I know what are you doing? So I can’t be in the way series got on the box. Oh We worked on this either daebak E natural gibreel Julie, oh Yes Yes, mate yes dude, you did that line your third eye line merge out squad full third squad we out here sick. Oh, oh You see I want to see the biggest possible bite you can take with that ice cream biggest one possible Don’t worry about that. Here we go. One two three Yes, mate the freaking Pierre on third place advanced division your frickin did it and as we call all because of the shirt I’m just kidding. Yes row the GE all the freakin G open Pro first place Oh Down local brand. Oh, oh, let me see that check. Is it cheese or is a check? Oh, you got the big check Brando. Just one five. Hundo Brando Watson 500 bucks here at sea scooter comp Remember I see, you know, we didn’t have to fix that end though We can’t have all this dang it. They rope with a frickin sharpie. You see a cheese Let me see I check the hundos. You’re not sure That’s the first thing you check make sure they paid you the right amount, you know I’m saying Hey, one two or three four, five. Hold it up. Hold it up. Let me see it Lucy It looks like a rap video. Click face. Yeah, I’m a man Bam Bam Bam Bam Bam Congratulations Rando. Oh yeah. Hello Oh, who’s that? Is that the president? I – don’t leave anywhere before we give you the Hat All right, what an awesome day it was over at the skate park today watching that competition But before we log out for the day I want to show you guys something and kind of update you so a lot of you guys here on the channel have probably seen these glasses by now the Frameless raymond Warner glasses got these things designed Made and a lot of you guys are loving the way that they look with the whole free and less design I made a separate pair of glasses. These guys are a little bit different compared to the frameless design store. I’m talking about friendless I’m talking about you. You can’t see like the see like the actual frame of the glasses You can’t see them when you look at them from the front. It’s just one massive lens these glasses You can definitely see the frame to the difference It is a little bit of a different shape as well a little more Circular as opposed to see very squared off designs that I went with on the frameless glasses These are a little bit cheaper as well as a little more round, but still have the same exact design They will be available within the next couple of days on WWE Emma Warner comm but they still work perfectly just like glasses They look exactly the same from the inside like the frameless black ones. Do these ones only come in the black color so if you guys want to get the chrome blue or the Sunset version you guys are gonna have to go with the frameless design but like I said Just wanted to update you guys just so you could see the new glass is always trying to plug new product on here So you guys had the chance to go get them? like I said They’ll be available within the next day or two on The website and I will make sure to let you guys know via are at Raymond Warner comm Instagram as well as the email newsletter So if you guys aren’t signed up to the newsletter Make sure you guys do that by just going on the site a gonna pop up sign up Unfortunately did not get a chance to write at the skate park today because they had the entire part closed off after the competition people Wanted to go home, and I totally understand that because it was hot It was freaking hot but you guys will get a ton of writing clips in the next video because I already got everything planned out already got a riding session planned out with Tito Brando and a Couple of the other homies so until then. I’m out of here. Later

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  1. Bro it sucks how you’re like almost 30 and your career is surrounded by like six and eight-year-olds that’s just sad but I still like your channel

  2. Your my favourite scooter rider and my first pro scooter was a envy (I'm not sure if I spellt that right) and I love it!! U have the best content on YouTube

  3. hi raymond i have been watching your videos for around 2 years now i have learned so much fron you and i would really like to meat you can you come to southsea skatepart in portsmouth uk it has a vert and lots more

  4. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE read the description. The kid that let me snap his scooter had a BRAND NEW one at the park and he just wanted to have his scooter broken by me. I did NOT break it just because I felt like it. I would never do that. Thank you. Like this comment if you read it.

  5. Why is his voice so high pitched btw Ray i love your vids i can nearly finger whip fly out and nearly double whip flat u inspire me thx

  6. My sister has a razor scooter and I tried it one time
    There is a clamp on the bars and bc the deck is so small every time i bunny hopped or anything I bang my knee on the clamp

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