Snowboard 360 [SPECIAL]

Hi! We’re Giel, Thomas and Stefan and today we’re challenged by protest to do a 360 on a snowboard But I can’t even snowboard… – Me neither! I’ve never done snowboarding I have no idea what I’m doing here as I can’t do it. Giel: Me neither Thomas: Well… I did it once Giel: Okay, but we have to do a 360 Thomas: Well, I know someone who can teach us Who? Dutch Champion snowboarding: LUCAS! Hi! You’re the dutch champion?! yes Really? You can teach us the 360? Uhh, Yes! Nice! Let’s go! But, uhh, guys, I have no idea how this works… like this? Giel and Stefan go by lift, but I bet they’ll fail like 10 times Fuck! ouch! 360? no way. Just give me the challenge to get to the top. It took a while, but we’re at the top. Lucas, can you explain me one thing? I’m not into the 360, but how do I brake? You give a kick and lean back,
and if it works the snow comes under your board GIEL: Look, that’s how you brake! That is the best way there is! Oh shit! This is scary! Hopeless… I’ve had it, guys This is way more fun! This is really a dissapointment It looks so easy but it’s really not Okay, jumping is not my thing I have done it sometimes
but it didn’t really work out. Easy! You OK? What did you land on? You’re ribs? Put your hands up to get some air Open your eyes He’s alive! What a bang! How did you land? I turned around
but my board went the other way Yeah you also rolled over a few times Listen Stefan, I don’t think this is the moment
for us to do a jump Uhh, Thomas continues practicing.
and i changed my snowboard to ski’s I quit You quit? I did my best Sorry, viewers
but i quit, for real. Maybe you can show us how to do it
once more On the big ramp or the small? Let’s go for the small one Alright! I’m a bit frightened by the big one The 180 went well But I have to make my landing better And if that works out the 360 must be possible Let’s try again It seems quite difficult But Imma try it anyway Hey, Thomas! Hey, Giel! Yeah, I finished skiing You think I’ll make it? No. Thanks for the support. It’s gonna be dangerous If I break my neck,
it’s over Let’s do it GIEL: That’s not gonna work What are you doing? I need some more speed Well get some more speed then! Are you gonna give up?! You’re gonna give up? You were going so well! Yeah I know, but… Come on! Again?
– Yes again! Don’t hesitate! Here you go again
I said don’t hesitate I went so fast! No you didn’t Yes I did! NO! You didn’t go fast! Yes I did! I can’t go any faster Yes you can You have to push yourself I did that! No you didn’t! I ask all the guys up there
if I can do it with this board And they all say it’s not possible And I keep on trying It sucks Okay then, shall we end the video then? Yes Too bad, we failed Such a bad ending! Yes, but you need more speed Do you know a stunt that will work out? Maybe you should go over the box Okay I’ll try that And if I can do that I’m satisfied I have to say that Stefan has it better than we do now
with his beer in the Apres Ski I’m here with a guy who can’t do a 360 But I can do a 180! You can’t do anything Well, I can go and drink a beer as well I will join Stefan Dude, did you do it? Yes. Really? No. Cheers We’re much better at this Hey look, it’s Thomas But how do I do this stunt? Just go straight at it? Yes, and then you jump
and just stay on the board Don’t make any weird movements If I fall from the side, I’ll be hurt But I am going to try it anyway You don’t have to go that fast, do you? No, not really Let’s try! Nailed it! Bitches I had a great time in the bar Me too Did you like this video?
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100 thoughts on “Snowboard 360 [SPECIAL]”

  1. die liften zijn echt kut ik ben daar ook vanaf gedonderd want mijn skie ging aan een kant omhoog Door een hobbel en toen flikkerde ik😂

  2. Mijn broer is ook gaan snowboarden en is ook gevallen en had ook veel pijn aan zijn ribben en hij moest naar het ziekenhuis.

  3. Thomas een 360 is best moeilijk ik weet het het is me 1 keer gelukt dat was 3 jaar geleden veder heb ik niet meer op me snowboard gestaan

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