go go go! Now Now Now! hello everyone how are you? i’m freezing my nuts because i’m out here some friends and i came to the mountain can you see? right there the mountain… there’s not that much snow but.. it’s on the other side of the building and.. we came here to do snowboard and ski i’m going to do snowboard i have done it like three times in my life i have been practicing these days since i got here without recording because it has been–well i recorded a few things but i wanted to wait to record until i felt more comfortable and loose on the table and i think today–today’s the day okay, so let’s see how well we do pizza and beer oh shit i liked that shot it’s very important to be well wrapped and very protected from the cold alright? but at the same time it’s important to protect your ass and here i have this it’s as if i wasn’t wearing anything.. anything at all anything at all i feel like robocop right now who’s this really cute lesbian and how tight’s her little p—y? Jose! Christian! Christian! rubius: what’s his name? x2 xx: Manolo Manolo rubius: Manolo manolo Miguel! Miguel!! he fell xx: i told you i told you i told you he fell, he just fell wtf i feel really bad that guy is going to kill me xx: he’s waiting for you -epic views- i’m falling–fuck so the roads are signposted… with colors alright i mean blue means–kinda like easy and red means more difficult the more difficult ones are in black aaaaaand… i think i went down in the black one the other day and it ended up really bad but we can try a red one let’s risk it alright let’s go down the red one see how it goes holy fuck it’s very steep eh! i won’t slide down not even kidding what the fuck im going fast as fuck, ha ha! *screaming* my tits are really tense right now fuck bro alright, are you seeing that? it’s like a half pipe something similar to a half pipe what i’m going to do is slide down and try to jump here i mean -break your neck challenge- Oh! that was cool! i can do better though how is it possible for this to record better than the GoPro can someone explain this to me? it’s my goddamn phone’s camera i mean GoPro, get your shit together -break your neck challenge part 2- fuck, almost! fucking life 🙁 i almost slit your head there alright, i think im going to leave the jump for later when i’m more confident the view’s driving me nuts, i mean, are you seeing this? are you seeing this? this is one of the 7 wonders of the world what’s up cracks? alright we’re gonna try to do some crazy shit there’s a rock here this huge ass rock my friend, the dude from the left he’s called he will try to jump that to me it’s fucking crazy i mean i don’t know how he will end i’m gonna stay here and record in case he ends up dead that way i’ll get more views no fear, no fear oh shit, oh shit OOOOOH fuck! you ight? machine, you’re a crack you’re fierce it looks taller than you think i mean this–this from here, from this angle might look like nothing but–it’s fucking crazy it’s fucking crazy c’mon x7 lol almost, damn he was really close dude he was really freaking close i’m messing around here with the goddamn phone in my goddamn hand, while i’m sliding down holy shit, fuuck there it goes x7 ….are you? i’m fine it’s the last day of snowboard, of snow and i want you all to see this can you shut the fuck up xx: now yes right, now yes rubius: yes yes so yeah, last day already, my whole body’s fucked up i mean my ass is done, broken my arms kinda weak i mean i’m worn out alright we’re gonna risk ourselves a little, we’re in a closed track there’s a jump down there i don’t know if you can see it it’s really high okay and– this chick right here will be going down soon and will record from there we’re going to slam ourselves, destroy ourselves for sure but anyways it might be worth it -first victim- rubius: go go go go xx: too slow too slow argh… i alomst done a flip 80… FuCK! i almost broke a teeth or something xx: watch out! rubius: MIGUEL!! -like and one minute of silence for miguel, and fap for more vlogs where i smash my ass

100 thoughts on “SNOWBOARD, CAIDAS Y FAILS | Snow Vlog”

  1. Nmms me rei de cojones me regañaron y todo es tu culpa rubius por tu culpa se cayo el niño que probocA retraso mantal xD

  2. Jajajajajajaja, gracias rubius, ya no pienso que soy la única loca que se pone a gritarle a sus amigos "ESTO ESTA MU EMPINAOOO, YO POR AHI NO BAJOOOO"

  3. Casi me da un infarto cuando el titorubiuh gritó José, en mi cabeza dije CRISTIÁN y después lo dijo él y fue como que :" QUEEEE WTF!!!!?????



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