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It’s back to school as we’re in Sweden
to look at the academy that produces some of the world’s elite snowboarders. The school is very important for the development
of the young riders in Sweden. Because it’s the best and pretty much the
only place where you can get time to focus on an elite level while you’re in school. Basically the snowboarder high school for
elite snowboarders is pretty rare; it’s mostly in Sweden and Norway that have it. You manage to do school at the same time as
starting your elite snowboarding career pretty much. So they’re super supportive with you going
into contest or travelling and the teachers were always helping me out to still manage
school and without that school I never would have been able to finish my schooling the
way I did. I moved from home when I was 15 to that school
so you don’t live at home anymore and it’s 4 hours from Stockholm. So you had your own apartment and it made
you grow up a lot faster than most of your friends. They kind of stepped it up a notch, when I
was in the school we did trampolining and gym and stuff but now they have a new trampoline
and foam pits and everything so they can train when they’re not snowboarding in a really
good way. Right now we’re at the Marlin snowboard
school and this is their new ‘factory’ as they call it. So basically you have this to train on whenever
you want and you have the gym right here and classrooms upstairs. So it’s a pretty sweet school to be at. These ones are like normal trampolines and
you can jump into the foam pit so you can basically land on your head and it’s still
nice! You kind of just practice air control, I would
say – just know where you are in the air – it really helps when you snowboard. This is the hard part… to get out of this! That’s the bigger one that’s got a better
bounce You can go bigger on a snowboard, it’s like
a small jump on a snowboard. For me at least, it’s not like I’m doing
the same tricks I’m doing on my snowboard, it’s not like I can learn all my tricks
here but for sure it helps you to have more control in the air. If you’ve never spun, let’s say a double
flip in one direction, then you’d never do it on your snowboard definitely. It’s good to have done something similar
before you do it on snow. So it’s definitely good for all the students
to be here and train however much they want… and it’s pretty fun! As you can see, it’s more about Olympic
lifting and not too many machines that are locked into one thing so I think it’s way
better to do it with free weights. It’s not as important to just be fit because
it’s more about how your creativity works and that’s cool in snowboarding because
it’s now only about how strong you are. The school was actually more involved with
athletes stuff but also all the basics like mathematics and all that normal school stuff
I guess. When I look for guys to pick out for the national
team, I always discuss it a lot with the coaches at the snowboard academy here in Sweden where
most top athletes of the young guns go. And at the end of the season, depending on
contest results, improvements in tricks, I take into consideration and I try to pick
the team for the next season. The school is quite small because it’s only
five riders picked every year to get into the school; so it’s kind of like a really
elite school. They progress so fast when they start in that
school and it’s just fun to ride with them and try to support them. You can really see yourself in them from a
few years back so it’s pretty cool.

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