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Hello, I’m Kemal Tugrul Sumer. I usually ride motorcycle . But this time I’m going to Kartalkaya to snowboard. But first, I’ll go to SPX store to pick a board for myself. and get information about the boards. After that, we’ll see… We burst in to the store on my motorcycle. I don’t know what to do next, We said let’s burst in to the store like fire We can take the helmet off and do stuff like that… We thought it would be cool but about the rest… we’ll see We’re with teacher Bulent here. I called him teacher cause Cause I’ve heard that he’s going to that way. Yes sometimes I teach, I have a speciality. We’re with a snowboard expert, because I need to choose a board. How do we choose the board? -it depends on your weight
-your weight is very important so is your height. as far as I know Actually, your height is not important Under every board, a weight scale is indicated. If your weight is within the scale, there wouldn’t be a problem. Is it a problem to be overweight? I mean, if you’re overweight of course, when you are overweight your ability to move is limited if you’re fat but energetic -that’s me
-you can snowboard as you wish, it’s not a problem as a 105 kg person, which one of these boards are for me? it needs to be longer than 160 cm shorter than 160 cm wouldn’t be suitible for you. You can get a board in between 155 and 159 cm long board or skii,
it’s not a problem. It’ll manage to support your weight and you would be able to skii but the board can’t support you if you try to do slaloms and it’ll bend out way too much so, it’ll side slip and your slaloms won’t be sharp it won’t give you a pleasent snowboard experience I can suggest that you should rather use this
161 cm board of Rossignol’s. It’s a camber for better controlled experience
the board should bend upwards at the tip. That’ll make your turns so much easier. The camber is the surface touching to the ground. After the camber zones, it slowly bends upword It’s about the board responding faster
when you give the rotating order and it’s about helping you. You can easily continue your snowboard life with this board. After a while, maybe your teqnique will upgrade. you would want to specialize in a technique or you might want to do more difficult performances That board wouldn’t be enough at some points in the future. Since then Of course, but this board is ideal for begginers. Does it require any maintenance? When we were kids we used to
scrub some soap under the sledge. Does the board needs something like that? like maintenance Of course, If you bought a new board at the mid season,
there won’t be a problem. You’ll manage to finish the season. But at the end of the season, If the board’s bottom, important part is the bottom not the top. You need to check the steels if there is any blackening. It might have got corroded if the board was wet in your bag and you took it home like that it might get rusty, that needs to be cleaned. So, after the skii I need to dry it and then put it in the bag. That’s the best way. When you get home, make it all dry and then store it. If you take care it like that, it’ll have a longer life. Exactly, so we learned that. What if I hit this to a rock and crack it? -That’s not a problem, we can fill that up.
-It has a thing. In this store, board’s maintenance is made with
the machines and units came from abroad It all goes through a solid process. When you bring it, the scratches and cracks are filled and steels being cleaned and in the end like you said, we are not using soap but We use a wax containing a special paraffin It’s applied by a machine and hands back to you. After the process you can use it half more season. What if I break it into two pieces? Not breaking in to two but if you hit a part of it. and it brokes on the tip, That’s not a problem, we can fix it. But if a part of it has broken cause of an accident or something. Then, the only thing you can do is to make it a
book rack for your living room or a sitting thing for your garden. There is no other chance. -It would make a beautiful book rack
-it won’t end up in garbage, It’ll recycle but it won’t be a snowboard again. This is a board, it’s okay. We have boots but there is another thing
to keep board and boots together. -The bindings.
-I don’t know what is used to keep them together. We’re on you with that subject. The tool keeps us together with the board is this. Yes, the tool which keeps our boots and board together is this. what do we need to pay attention when choosing this? While choosing, you need to consider the size, You need to choose a size which will fit to your boots If you buy a smaller or bigger one,
if it’s big your boots might move in there, if it’s small, your boots won’t fit perfectly,
you can tie it but it won’t be right. Tying will be harder and boots will not
be in the right position And we’ll need boots for that. Yes, that’s correct. Boots, my feet are a bit big. -This is the inner boots.
-This is the boots inside the boots. Yes, it’s snowboard inner boots. You don’t need to tye it, give me your foot. Here, teacher. Boots are important. My boots are ready, I’m going, I’m going to skii When I go there, I’ll put it on and skii. -Yes.
-That’s it, thank you very much. I’m very enlightened. I look like a snowboarder with my bags. -What is this?
-Let’s say you want to buy this snowboard. You came to the shop and couldn’t found
the board size you wanted We click the buy and add. When I do this, it’ll come directly to my home from the store Yes, when you enter your address here,
it’ll direct you to the register in the store. You can make your payment at the register in the store After the payment, you already entered your address information at the kiosk. -so it comes to my house.
-Yes, it’ll deliver to your house. if you like a board and it fits for you
but there are no available size You can pick your size here and check out at the register. It’s like a shop in the shop. I’m trying to take a cool picture
with my motorcycle and my board. it’s like, I won the grand prize in the competition. I participated in a contest and I won a Harley and a board. Can I have a shot from the distance like I’m a lonely man, I’m a lonesome snowboarder Can I have a lonely snowboarder pose. I’ll come and pass. I’m ready, doing it. How is it? I’m reaching to the authorities; You need to make a backpack type. I found someone to carry my camera, that made me spoiled. I’m not used to it at all. We’re in the bus. Cause of the late hour, my voice is getting harsh. I’ll tell you what happened in the morning. For now, we’ll sleep, we’re on the way there. The host woke me up couple of times. To ask if I can calm down a bit. I guess I was snoring a little. I hope I won’t bother people now. Because tomorrow, we’ll skii. Everybody in this bus will skii tomorrow. My sitting body Cihan aet his banana. and he kept telling me that he wants to
eat my banana while skiing. Over and over again. I won’t share my banana… it’s mine. What are you doing, we are doing something serious here. I’m shooting this video for a big brand’s channel. They also serve coffee… and they gave us a sandwich with cheese. We have everything and a cheese sandwich. Weird, I’ll eat it in the morning He started to eat right away, everyone is hungry. It’s smelling like banana in the bus. is there candy too. Waking up early is making me a bit… I woke up nice this morning though. Usually, I wake up very sleepy That’s me. -Every morning…
-We have rental boards and lockers. Please check your seats before you leave the bus. Usually people forget their cellphones. Returning time is 5:00 pm Please be in the bus at 4:50 pm I know I’m talking too much. I’m sorry for my annoying voice. No lies, it’s not very good. Okay, we are headed to the Hotel Dorukkaya. Weather is a bit foggy. it’s lightly snowing too. I understand good. I understand it legendarry, In this weather you can do.. good.. This is the equipment rental place. You can buy the teleskii ticket from here. If you don’t have the equipment you can rent it here. Here are the lockers. There are the boards, here are the skiis. You can change here. This is the place for that. The base is here. We are going to SPX store now. The shop is here. Store… not a shop, it’s a store. Hello, we need to buy equipment. I need pants, coat, glasses, gloves -Let’s start
-We need your name and surname. Kemal Tugrul Sumer. How much is to rent these If I get a full set, including the board. Can you tell me the prices one by one? If you buy a full set, there is a price difference of €25 €35 €45 There is different boards Why is there a price differences at boards? There is a season differences 80cm boards are a bit old but well maintained connection parts are good, 120cm’s are newer How much does it cost to get a Coat, helmet, gloves, pants… Goggles, gloves, pants, coat means full set outfit. That costs daily €20 If you want to add a helmet, that’s €9more. As a set, the top is Billabong. Would I fit in this? Okay. I fit. it’s water resistant, waterproof… Especially when it’s windy, it blocks the wind. Cause it’s made by parachute fabric Billabong coat is well washed, cleaned and ready to use How do I look? In the mean time, can I have your shoe number. -I have boots
-you have boots I have boots and board. I’ll just get these. Do you want a trainer? -I’ll get a trainer
-When you get a trainer and if you rent a board from us, the price lowers to €15 It didn’t fit. I’ll get a bigger one for you. When you get a trainer, board price lowers to €15 If I come here without anything but want to board, you can pay and skii. you can also take a lesson too. There is a hotel up there, you can even stay, it’s so cool. We are at TIMO Snowboard Academy. They’ll give us a lesson. We rented our equipments from here too. And now as universal, there is a briefing how to do this. Before the training and going up to the mountain. we are listening teacher Timucin to tell us. We need to give all the terminological information about the snowboard before the lesson. So when the trainer uses a term like (iç kenar), (dış kenar) While introducing the board or To make a better understanding in exercise. It’s not only for Turkey whereever they go
they can use these terms, it’s international. The same terminology is used all over the world. First of all, we introduce the board. The boots you are wearing right now is freestyle and soft. This is called soft straps, you connect your boots here. That strap you see. The toe straps are almost always
has the same working dicipline in all brands the place where your fingertips located is called toe pad. the place where your heels located is called heel cup. This board’s style is freestyle it’s the same in the both sides. You can skii both ways. And this is the base surface touches the snow. This is the surface touching the snow. You can see the sharp steel here. imagine it’s the knife you’re using to put butter on. it slows you down with friction. it doesn’t stop you. it’s both sided steel This is the board. You’ll get some information about lift. We give you the theory here Then we train you to lift outside. Cause in snowboard there is an unusual posture A snowboarder, instead of the forward position that they used to There is a sideway posture. We try to skii straight while standing sideways. Our first challange is this. While walking, running, skiing, swimming our reflexes are always toward to forward The main privilege and principle is to stand sideway and go straight That’s why we expect you to stand parallel and please be careful with the tying angle international definition of the example posture is duck stance it comes from the kite literature. In kite literature, ski types all this type of deck sports
provides an ideal position for this stance. Thank you so much teacher Timur. Have fun, teacher Barıs will be with you. Thank you you will get basic snowboard information -thank you
-It’s called Snowboard Exploration Program. I won’t let you in. Where to… we are with my teacher Barıs Sen Teacher Barıs will give us the basic snowboard training That’s right. I will do as much as I can for you… I skied five or six times before so I can learn a bit faster. Your learning time may vary depending on your ability today we’ll learn as much as we can. Where do we start? First, one of our feet is tied one is loose We’ll learn to turn around and walking. We’ll go down to the lift to get in the line. to do this we’ll learn going forward. We’ll need this of course,
we’ll walk with one feet free and one loose First of all, let’s tie our front feet. Here is the fat people’s biggest problem starts… Getting down and up obstacles To not be able to put that in there If you’re a bit chubby -losing some…
-yes, if there is a belly there is a problem having belly is having a problem Being fat is a trouble… My Subtitle With small steps Very good I’m crossing to inner angle cause when you’re going up hill, walking with inner angle is easier. This way I step forward and step on my fingertips and I’m carrying the board parallel behind me I’m carrying. Very good. Just like that. Come this way. My goggles are getting foggy. Shall I spit in it like divers I would lose less calorie if I take this off. I can’t take it anymore. Bottom of my left feet is hurting We’re almost there What if I bounce there We stand like this We’re bending the knee a bit Look my body is standing upright, I’m not bending my body. I’m not pushing back my back. Like this. and we lift our finger tips a little If we lift more, that’s the brake position. We have to be on our fingertips shouldn’t step on flat If we step flat, our fingertips gets trapped and we fall forward. First we’ll slide in break position. Step your heels equally,
you’ll push one of the sides of the board down and slide like this I can’t get up yes, overweighter people can’t if you have a belly I’ll help you get up but you ned to support yourself with your one hand -from where?
-from the ground. One, two, tree Okay, bend your knee a little give your weight to a side. Very good We’ll give our weight to the left Left side of the board While giving the weight that way We won’t just stay like that or we won’t bend the waist We’ll turn left with our whole body okay? We’ll put more pressure to our left heel and we’ll turn only our heads to the left Our board will go left Shoulders need to be a bit back Left, put up your left hand Come on don’t put your arms down Stand straight, more straight You’re bending too much We went down and we’ll go up with the lift, right? Okay You can see the lift guy over there He gives the lift stick to us We’ll slide to that guy like this. and we stay like this. After he gives us the lift stick we put in between our legs. After holding it between our legs, We put our back feet over there I took it and put it between my legs You have five or six minutes now. it started to pull, I stand straight Like this, I’m not leaning back or forward I’m so excited, I used to fall when I do this. I tried once and fell. I ashamed. -no problem, you’ll do it
-Whole Uludag laughed at me. People usually fall. it’s not a problem for you. -I’m waiting like this
-yes and you take the lid between your legs -no!
-it can’t be -where am I gonna put it in?
-between your legs -from where to between my legs?
-between your legs -I’ll turn it and put it between my legs
-yes, no don’t turn it. Straight -how am I gonna put it straight?
-just wait, he’ll help you -is it like this?
-put your feet! give me your hand step back -don’t pull the lid
-I’m not don’t shake the stick please, relax, you’re pulling the stick -I’m pulling the stick
-it’ll push you from your legs You’re putting your waight back, don’t Stand straight, don’t push the board, pull your fingertips -How am I going to stand my balance?
-take the board under you Step on your heels, don’t stand back it’s not possible for me to do this. What should I do if I fall? Move aside and wait for me -Will you walk with me?
-yes, I’ll walk -this is crazy
-and I’m walking it’s hard to not fall Like this -I’m tired
-Shall I get on board next to you? -yes sure, like I pulled myself up run away I’ll tell you something, this is not smart. Everybody says it’s so easy but it’s not This is a really hard thing to do That has a sitting version Why would I want to do this when there is so much technology something is pulling me between my legs I need to stand in balance There is a sitting one down there, we can go up with that They should change all of these with sitting ones I’ll tumble down over this way, yes yes like that We’ll stand on our fingertips, in here it’s easier to get up For overweight people yes, it’s easier for you. Like this, I got up, I bend my knees like this and I’m not stepping on my heels and I’m not going backwards Whichever way I’ll go when I get up, For an example I’m going right,
I gave my weight to right edge of the board I bend my knees I turn my head to the right and go with this angle for slowing down, I look straight and slow down like this Slow down Very good Go on, go on. Don’t stand back How am I standing I’m bending my knees and stepping on my fingertips okay? Don’t Strain your knee muscle Bend it, like that -can you get up and go right by yourself?
-I can -Let’s try
-I’m doing it We get the education as practical or teorical from the teacher he tells what’s wrong or not I need to stand more straight and look forward that’s what I need to do I need to improve my practical and now, going like this and that training Because I skied before We’re going bit faster. it usually depends of your capacity or learning ability. Now I’ll turn, you shouldn’t get close to the back of the board You need to get closer to the nose of the board Okay, bend your knees -If you can bend more
-It’s not happening like that I’m 110 kg Bend your knees but don’t look at me, look at your left -you’re front of me I’m looking at you
-don’t look where you are going, we’ll turn again now Very good, perfect About the training it was a bit fast forward, it’s usually more underscore Because of the shooting, we passed it forward but This is the theorical and practical basic training first you learn dış kenar, trainer gives you a program You improve yourself in two hours then on your fingertips iç kenar and then the turns We did everything today At least we saw Then I’ll improve these very well and then what? Then you can go to the snowpark and freestyle. And now, because I couldn’t use the teleskii Teleskii is hard, I mean, it’s not like managable Well done whoever can do, I aspire to them I see them going up and think what holy people are they Yes, I just got on the skii lift with my board on my feet it’s nice cause you sit in here. There is threes it’s better when there is lesst fog,
it became very foggy when we got up. If you say I came to the mountain and want to go fancy like this,
it’s possible too. -it has lights too
-is there lights too? like that I just skied you watched I’m boarding Experience is important After skiing more, you that you would improve yourself but as you can see if you’re 105 kg like me with short trainings without having a hard time At least, approximately come to a level that can do basics Even if I can’t do a ull slalom My Subtitle did something like this, we skied a vit like that Let me go like this and turn like this Watching me like this board is our ancestor’s sport We grow up on board don’t I have that vibe? I’m not skiing very good. Because I’m not doing much Did you hear the crack sound coming from my shoulder? Anyway, no stopping let’s continue When you start falling down you lose your confident a bit That’s a problem When you lost your confident Oh I fell, I was falling, something happened,other thing happened. but the important thing is to try Don’t give up. I wanted to do that but I can’t She goes this way and than that way. it’s hard -is that the upright spot?
-yes it’s the upright spot I don’t know if you can see from the camera but I skied here before let’s see if I can do it again. if people can jump from a helicopter and do this No, No! it was more fun than skiing I swear it’s more fun I’m covered with snow We’re at chairlift now. I’ll check how people feeling. I’m thinking but of course, I don’t have questions to ask People are in rush to go up and down. go up and down, up and down. I agree, it’s very fun I’m getting better so I’m having fun Leaving time is closing. it started to get dark so people are going up and down -I’m Cenk -I’m Halit -how long have you been skiing?
-it’s my 9th season I saw you were doing some nice moves -you’re doing this for 9 years
-it’s been 10 years sir. is it becoming more joyfull after every year if you try different things every year, it can be. People are curious, when they want to jump off there,
jump on a three and stuff like that, it becomes more joyfull That’s right. There is a training base, after you pass that
you can do anything you want -for five years
-you’re doing this for five years. is that a kind of sport gets more enjoyable in time Absulately -How did you decide to start?
-We decided here, when I was 26 years old we came here with my company’s organisation So it’s not a problem to start at 26 years old,
you can start a bit late too. -I started at 31
-you started at 31 and it’s your 9th season, you’re not showing your age at all -I’m 38, I’ll be 39 soon
-you’re 38 years old? I hope I’ll be like you, I’m 29 an looking older than you -I lost my hair
-I’m wearing a beanie He doesn’t have anything under that When I wear the beanie I look normal. If you want to give an advice who wants to start this sport what would it be? They should start caucious then enjoy the speed. When they start skiing they’ll enjoy more. Sure After skiing two or tree days, they’ll used to it There is no age limit for that They shouldn’t think like it’s too late for me, I can’t If they have a rascal soul, they should do snowboard snowboard for rascal soul Do you have any advice for starters? They should bend more, when you bend more
it skiis better. They told me not to. You shouldn bend from the waist, you need to bend with the legs. -Like this?
-yes -You know what they say in Turkey
-Yes, I got it I’m 105 kg so I can’t stand like that for long but if I continue doing this I’ll lose weight Your legs will get stronger, you wouldn’t lost weight Snowboard for stronger legs. You need to look at whichever direction you’re going While turning you need to give your weight that side to the left or right, that’s it. And pick your tools carefully it goes where you look at like motocyle And while purchasing the tools, we need to pick good ones it’s better to get your own board after trying a while If they have a board they used to better than using a different board everytime. I’m tired My muscles are not ready for this We had a wonderful day. Even thugh I don’t know much about snowboard I improved myself a lot. People who don’t know anything about snowboard and intimitated by it.
They can go when they have a chance At least we saw you can go there freely and do it it’s a nice sport, I always aspired to snowboard Aftet this, I aspired more. Frankly I’m planning to skii when I have chance. Snowboarding is a different feeling. I can’t skateboard but I can snowboard. by saying I can, I’m improving myself. I started to learn. Boarding is enjoyable. Ona day wasn’t enough. Once you start skiing a bit, I wanted to do more. We came to an another video’s end. Maybe we can do once or two more videos To see the new videos, Don’t forget to subscribe to the SPXTV youtube channel Don’t forget to like the videos. You can also comment. These things are important, take care. I’m stuck here in traffic. it was really enjoyable to go snowboard for the weekend. This traffic is not something you want to deal with
at the weekends I don’t think so. It’s a good excuse to run away for the weekend. I wish the season didn’t end. I just started and the season ended. Anyway, maybe we can find something to do in the summer. Subscribe Now!

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