Snowboarder Interview: Billy Morgan

You’ve done your triple backside rodeo after
you’ve done that where do you go from there? I guess, when it comes to it putting it down
in competition is going to be the next step. But working towards other tricks I’ve got
to put together a decent enough Slope Style run for the qualifications towards Russia. I’ve got to do nine qualification events and
then be in the top I think it’s 30 in the world at that point, so it’s pretty intense but hopefully I’ve got a good opportunity
being from England and not having to compete with other British riders, so hopefully I’ll get
there. But yeah I’m hoping to work on some new tricks.
Maybe another triple. Who else from Britain do you think will also
be there? As a prediction? Well me, Jamie Nichols if everything goes to
plan, Ben Kilner, Dom Harrington is hopefully going.
Aimee Fuller. I think that’s fair the main risers.
Not leaving out Jenny Jones, she’ll be there as well. Female riders who is your favourite female
rider? Aimee Fuller, she’s the boss. She’s good fun
as well. Your favourite place to board in the world
where is it? I’ve had my best days in Colorado & Keystone
in Breckenridge. Except learning to snowboard I did three seasons
in Morzine. They were the fun days when I was kind of
kicking about, doing whatever I want, shredding around but apart from them days,
when everything got serious, Breckenridge is where it’s at for sure. How do you feel now compared to then, like
the pressure of it? It’s all really different I get to enjoy lots of things
about how it’s changed for me now, I get to travel more, I get me way more people, sponsors
are supporting you loads more, but that life back then was just carefree, but I was poor all
the time and, it was a bit dingy. If you were to have a week in that life again
would you go back to it? Yeah for sure, I do it every year I go back and see
lots of the people from Morzine, at the end of the season when it’s all quiet go over
and chill for a week, its good fun. See you do you get to party and you do still
get to have a good time! You can’t be doing that! I behave! Maybe back in the day when I was a wee nipper, I was slightly outrageous but I’m straight and narrow. Training training! Training training, You’re mature now!

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