Snowboarding a Half-Pipe : Snowboard Half-Pipe: Riders Right Wall Mellow Drop

In this section, I’m just going to talk a
little bit about dropping in mellowly, from your rider’s right wall. At first, just to
test it out, you kind of just want to drop in a little slower. If you look at the Halfpipe,
you can see how it slopes up, before it goes straight down, so just kind of try an Ollie,
into the tranny, at a lower speed. Be sure to Ollie in. You want to come up on your toes,
rolling with a small amount of speed. Pop into the tranny, bend your knees, and look
up the next wall. Prepare for that next wall, by putting your base flat, as you’re going
through the bottom of the Halfpipe, and then transfer to your toe edge, as you carve up
the toe side wall. All right, in this segment, we’re going to talk a little bit about how
to drop it mellowly, for a Halfpipe, just getting started. You don’t want to drop in
too high. You just want to take it kind of slow, at first.

5 thoughts on “Snowboarding a Half-Pipe : Snowboard Half-Pipe: Riders Right Wall Mellow Drop”

  1. totally agreed this chick doesnt do 80% of the tricks she "helps" with the only trick ive seen her do is a 50-50 on a box, easiest thing ever. and every other video sucks too.

  2. @ePICtWEETS How do you know what advice I would give? I reckon you haven't learned much in 6 years i-f you had you'd know that expert village sucks.

  3. Aww shoot, they accidently cut the end of the video short! I bet she was gettin some real sweet air!

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