Snowboarding : How to Exit a Ski Lift

We talked about loading the chairlift safely,
now we want to talk about unloading the chairlift safely. When we talk about loading that there
was three things that were important. Unloading there is also three things that are important.
Again, board straight, ok. Then when you get to the top of the chair there’s going to be
a very slight incline that you’re going to glide right off of, ok. So, first thing, board
straight. Second thing, the lift operator is going to tell you when to stand up. So
when he tells you to stand, you stand up. You put your back foot on the board. Then
the third thing is ninety ten. I want ninety percent of your weight on your front foot,
ok. Three things: board straight, stand up, ninety ten. And you’ll just slide right off
like a pro. Board straight. Board straight. Stand up. Ninety ten.

64 thoughts on “Snowboarding : How to Exit a Ski Lift”

  1. do it its useless
    you cant hear jack all
    well i turned everything up to full power and now i can hear it but i have earphones most people dnt have earphones or dont use them and therefor cant hear it FLAG !!!

  2. @chellywuzhere636 LMAO me too its so freaking embarassing…even though I know how to snowboard I can't get off the lift without falling either hahaha

  3. The toughest for me are the lifts where there's a sharp heelside turn right after unloading. I warn the other passengers because it it's icy I'm goin down.

  4. you just slide off and fail like everyone in front of you LOL. Even if you learn to do it, there's already a domino affect happening in front lol.

  5. my boyfriend cant get the concept of point ur damn board outwards away from the others not inwards! this 1 time i get so enraged i flip out & push him outwards 2 break his fall he grabs me! our boards tangle & i lose a glove! the lift dude starts swearing at me 2 move so i start swearing! i had 2 reach 4 my glove then a set of ski's come at me from the next set of people they fall too! i f'in hate the whole set up stupid lift guy all tough behind the glass! come out bitch!

  6. but if you have only 89 percent of your weight on the front leg you blow the fuck up like an islamic wet dream.

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