Snowboarding in Greece – Pepp by Granbom EPISODE 3

Popped over to Chamonix and met up with Sascha Hamm Hello Gran ! Welcome to Chamonix ! Thank you ! Back in the 90s Sascha was one of the 1st pro snowboarders out of the UK He was known for going big
and scored a lot of covers After winning the British Championships He saw a chance to pursue his Formula 1 racing dreams And spent all his winnings on a
racing school After winning the graduation race he got offered a seat in Formula Ford After 3 years he realized racing is for rich kids He went on and got himself a real job It took more than 10 years before he returned to the competitions This time it was the Freeride World Tour Now next and one of the most remarkable characters on the FWT Sascha Hamm not
gonna see a half-hearted run here Sascha is going to send it top to bottom it’s podium or bust for Sascha Very fluid, sending it down Huge drop and he landed that beautifully in difficult terrain And he sends that ! A massive natural rollover And he’s cutting across riders right And it’s getting steep again Perfect snow ! Another big cliff, another one, he’s got a third below him Now he drops off the side Oh nooooo A little laid back…oh no Letting go at the bottom Wow that’s what we like to see The biggest drop that we saw today Here’s world number 6, he’s capable of winning events When he can stay on his feet And going even bigger than the others Put a grab and a solid landing Standard Sasha Hamm lines Beautiful There we go Aaaaand he’s coming in, he’s loving it He’s already got his score 81.75 Number 1 ! There we go taking over the top spot With the last run of the day After winning the 1st competition of the season things were looking good for Sascha This could be the year to bring home the world title But in Austria everything changed The season was over And he ended up in intensive care for 3 weeks After 8 operations, 2 years of rehab and constant nerve pain He still got the stoke for snowboarding And is now back on the board Sorry Gran not much snow in Chamonix I think I know a place where we can find it Ok let’s go ! Yeah ! We made it to Greece ! Made it to Greece and look at the mountains ! Loads of snow !? Where’s the snow ? I don’t know ! I say let’s go all the way to the top and check it out All the way up there The local guys’ gonna show us the best
run of the resort We found these guys before us here Oh yeah ! So they got a good nose ! We could smell it’s some good snow uh Could you smell it Sascha ? I can smell it yeah ! Are we ready to get going ? Ready ! Sure Where are they taking us ? This is just all a shit of ice It was a pleasure ! Thanks you so much for everything ! No worries no worries ! Nice to meet you Sascha ! Nice too meet you too man ! What are you doing Gran ? Hiking ! They’re running the lift but they won’t turn it on So we now have to hike and try to find the snow Exactly ! We know where the snow is… It’s just…a bit tricky today Some wind out there ! Windy ! We made it to the top ! That was a mission ! Oh yeah ! The lift is not running so we gonna have to hike all day to get some snow ! Yes ! And now we gonna find some epic powder Into the trees Locals showed us yesterday Organizing the taxi for pick ups from the tree runs So …so that means…for the 2 times 70 € 1 2 3 4 it’s ok ? 60 ? 60 ? I go… 70 € 70 € It’s a deal ! No problem ! One more ? One more yes !

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