Snowboarding in New Zealand – Ennitime – Ep 1

It’s always nice to come to New Zealand. You get to snowboard again after the summer and see all the friends you don’t usually see during the summer time. The Snow Park is always in great shape and there’s a lot to ride. It feels like riding in Finland, as they have short slopes and a fast ski lift. It’s easy to get many laps during a day. I really like to spend time in New Zealand and this year we are here for one and a half months. It’s a really homey place, small and calm. They also have very beautiful landscapes, so it’s nice to go out in nature and spend some time there as well.

87 thoughts on “Snowboarding in New Zealand – Ennitime – Ep 1”

  1. Haha, finally some clips of people on my level 🙂 I'm getting demotivated by seeing all these amazing people taking like 1080 and stuff like that, and i think it's great to have some variety in the skill level, good job RedBull!

  2. Man, this girl can rip! I'm a guy who's been riding for 4 years now and I cant do half the stuff she does. I never thought I'd be saying this but I wanna be like her some day!! Bravo

  3. thanks REd BUll i love the video , simple oh by the way shes Cute i like her , i wish i could do a run with her ……….i like the song

  4. Hi everyone, msged redbull a few days ago regarding the song name and here's their response 🙂 Enjoy

    " The first sont is "Mindscreen" by Russell, Simon Christopher under Bruton Publishing

    The next is "Hold On" by Raphael Lake from the Extreme music library.

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