Snowboarding : J Snowboarding Turns

Alright, so now we’re going to do a basic
J-turn. A J-turn is just a single-edge turn, start from a straight glide, all the way down
into a carved edge. When it starts, it looks-it’s called a J-turn because it looks like a big
“J” in the snow, right? You start right here, straight glide down the mountain, and you
slowly transfer onto an edge, and go all the way across the mountain. A slow, nice turn,
like that. It looks like a “J” in the snow, basically. And what you do is start the straight
glide, and as you-to initiate the turn, you slowly lift your front foot, kind of like
this. Then, as you continue through the turn, lift your toe more and more and more, and
your back foot should follow until you’re all the way onto an edge. You could do that
heel-side or toe-side. I’ll do heel-side first. Straight glide, and slowly lift, and come
across onto an edge. See the track behind me? Nice big “J”.

12 thoughts on “Snowboarding : J Snowboarding Turns”

  1. when u do a J turn only the leading leg rises/get down than u start turn the direction u go than the other leg follows it and starts rises/get down with the leading leg till u stop?

  2. Before you go out and get your face digged in the snow, you should be able to (at least) KNOW how to do it… Practice doesnt make perfect, perfect practice makes perfect!
    That is what these HOW-TO videos are for, so stop talking shit about it!

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